Take a look around but be sure not to trip in the work zone.

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  1. where do you find all of the lovely legs and embellishments to add to your furniture! spectacular work!!

  2. Thank you, for sharing all your beautiful projects.

  3. I love your work; but I was wondering why so much is white? There are sooo many beautiful colors, why would you want so much of it white? Is it a shabby chic thing? Is it because pieces sell faster? Just curious. I pick up returned paints from our hardware stores (for dirt cheap) and am always amazed at how much I love the color once I actually use it.

    Again, was just curious as to why so many bloggers/upcyclers use so much white (or really light colors that look white). French and antique type furniture can all look just as beautiful in an array of colors ;)

  4. i think its because most people prefer lighter coloured furniture with the odd feature colour thrown in!
    too many different coloured pieces in the hoime can bew a bit much for most peoplkes taste!
    really, its down to personal taste!
    i love colour, but mostly in soft furnishings, as its more flexiblke to keep pieces neutral.