FURNITURE LEGS - adding legs to a dresser

She was a perfect canditate for a set of legs.

Pictured above left she is sitting on one of George's flower boxes
and is still short in stature.

Someone started to strip her before we found her at a yard sale last month.
She also had a large white mystery mark in the top surface. HEAT?

Before adding the legs I had to add an apron around the base.

No one picked up this hutch we offered at our yard sale, so I scavenged the
parts I needed. Plz note, most of this hutch is MDF but the decorative parts are solid wood.

Next some bits had to be removed, and some bits needed to be manufatured to
make a custom fit for these legs stolen from .....

Again this table and apron are dreaded MDF, but the legs are solid wood.
MDF only has one place in our world ......
I love how she turned out with the original hardware, aged sliding mirror doors,
lovely curves, and white distressed finish.

I adore this dresser vanity, it's the kind of piece I see in so many of your
vintage home decor stores. The kind you walk by stroking your hand across
wishing it was yours, wishing your bedroom felt like this.

I want my whole house to look like this!

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  1. are such a smart lady!

  2. She does look lovely with those sexy new legs:)

  3. Inspired redesign--just lovely!

  4. Everything looks great!!!!!

  5. Beautiful legs to show the great job off, love the hardware too! MDF does belong in the burn barrel!

  6. You're a clever cookie! It looks beautiful. Great job with the legs :)

  7. She turned out just beautiful a one of a kind piece!!!!

  8. just gorgeous, great job! those new legs really make the piece, the hardware is so graceful & the new color is dreamy!

  9. Love the LEGS! I'm starting to see tables etc not for the overall shape, all the time, but the legs that I can repurpose for another project; thanks for project like YOURS!

    Visiting from Miss Mustand Seed's Linky Party Tonight, from NW Illinois.

    Smiles, Suzanne

  10. Sandi @ Making It Homey said... This turned out so beautiful, I love the style of your piece. Great job.

  11. What an amazing post! Thanks for sharing!! I am visiting from Not JUST A Housewife and I am a new follower!! I hope you have a great week and that I see you around soon!

  12. It turned out fabulous. I would never have thought to put the legs on it, but I think they just make it. I am over from Rhoda's. Great blog. Hugs, Marty

  13. The sliding mirror doors are so unusual. They make the piece even more unique. Great work!♥♫

  14. You are an amazing rock star magician! I was searching for another furniture reimagining site and came across yours and after spending like 2 hours looking at all your posts I am in complete awe. Such amazing work you do.