FRIGHTENING TO FRENCH - french book shelf

This shelf project of mine
started with an inspiration
piece built by my friend
Catherine. First let me share
with you how I built it then I
will show you the inspiration.

Let's start at the beginning ...
This frightening dresser was the art canvas for a teenager's expression of creativity. Not my child's doing.
I used it for lumber supplies for the shelf project.

I used a simple maple side table for the base.

I built the upper portion and fastened it to the table from underneath with long screws.
The color you see above is a grey primer before painting.

The sides of the dresser were used for the sides of the shelf.
4 inches were cut off the length and 2 inches off the depth.

The crown detail at the top is a decorative wall shelf.

The back of the unit was built with the dresser drawer bottoms.
An old mirror frame provided the vertical trim up the front edges.

Lots of little salvaged trim was used.

The shelves themselves were built with the backs from the dresser drawers.

and there you have it,

And I built another one you can see here

Be sure to check out my friends blog Freddy & Petunia
This photo below is just one of many pieces she has made.
Catherine of Freddy & Petunia


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