TAKE TWO - english nightstands

Here is a list of the steps taken to turned a desk into a pair of nightstands.

Removed the top for another project
which better work cause George keeps telling everyone on facebook I'll be done that project soon

Replace all the missing drawer glides
did you know plastic glides can be bought for a couple a bucks at your home improvement store

Find and attach pieces for new tops
so I can add the remaining furniture bits to the ever growing pile of parts

Remove old hardware

Alter the bottom to work with new legs
easier said than done

Install new hardware
thankfully I didn't have to fill and sand holes this time

Repeat all steps a second time
this is your chance to get it done right

Paint and wax
I think I am getting the hang of this part

Line drawers
so we don't have to look at colorful ink stains and doodles left by the last owner

Photograph your finished pieces and contact patient customer
 to find out they are perfect.

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