{Our House}

The word *AFTER* just reflects one point in time.

Stick around to the end cause we have a super surprise for you!

We live in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Contrary to popular belief we don't live in igloos and this scene below is rare to see around here.
It only snows once or twice a year in Vancouver and is usually gone by the next day.

It is lush and green most of the time.



BEFORE                             AFTER

To read more about this blue wallpapered cabinet above click here

To read more about this un-waxed chalk painted cabinet click here


To learn how this chandelier was created from a roadside find click here

To see how this tall dresser was created from 2 click here

To see the before picture and the complete reveal of this room click here









Vinyl floor before - Tiled floor after

If you are wondering what that square is around the toilet base it is a thick piece of aluminum used to
 repair the floor after severe water damage. The new tile I laid was the same thickness so it leveled
 the floor out. There was some expose pipes at the back of the toilet that I built a hinges box around 
and tiled as well.

I painted both the oak vanity cabinet and the gold tub face with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

BEFORE & AFTER photos of this rooms makeover can be seen here

For bench building tips go here

For more information on this grey cabinet check here

SHOW ROOM - 6ft x 11ft

The showroom is a small room I use for a lot of my photography, it is also the place I store 
furniture pieces that are waiting for new homes. The room always looks different because I'm always
 staging something in there. Here is some examples of the photos that have been taken in this little room.


The same room also serves as a guest bedroom when we need
and that means lots of notice and tons of work to get it set up.
To see more pictures of the room transformed click here

Summer Tangerine

Seaside Summer Blue

Our surprise is all this decor is in an 11ft x 60ft mobile home.

If you are looking for more mobile home tours with great decor check out

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  1. Gorgeous! Your style is just stunning! Can't wait to see how it evolves :)

  2. Damn. That's great.

  3. You are AMAZING! I love what you have done! AND, I bet it is yours - no bank note. Now headed over to follow....

    Here is my trailer: http://minkeebabygifts.blogspot.com/p/our-cottages.html

  4. Anonymous01 February

    I love this, everything is amazing!

  5. Anonymous05 February

    Just found your blog on Ms mustard Seed. Loved it. You mentioned several times about adding legs to your pieces. Can you buy them somewhere?
    I've put you on my favorit list. Hope to hear from you.

  6. Anonymous09 February

    amazing decorating! How does Mr. like all the girlie girl decorating in the dressing room? Your place is very nice, especially the VIEW! Gorgeous view! You are so lucky to have that...

  7. Amazing job! It looks so much brighter. I don't see the usual walls that are in a mobile or manufactured home. Did you cover them with paneling or texture them?

  8. In response to some of my comments:

    *The trailer was built probably in the 70's and had dark wood panelling that we just painted. It's great any time I want to hang something I don't have to fuss with drywall anchors.

    *I'm Kristy's biggest fan. She has a one of a kind vision for decorating and repurposing furniture. I support her in all that she does and I dont mind a little girly stuff providing I can have my masculine stuff. George (the Mr.)

    *My legs come from many different sources. They are hard to find. I purchase new legs from Lee Valley & Windsor Plywood. I also repurpose vintage ones, and old post turnings can be used, as well as cast stove legs.

  9. so... uh.. can i come pitch a tent in your view (front yard) room?

  10. Sherri05 March

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!? You are unbelievable!
    I am a huge fan!

  11. Anonymous18 April

    Holy unexpected exterior, batman!!!! That is all fabulous!! I especially love the way you framed a window with an old dresser mirror frame. UNIQUE!!

  12. Hi! I absolutely love your style, so much fun!

    How did you re-finish your cupboards? I'm looking to do something like that for my mom. Her doors have since been re-done with oak, but the cupboards themselves are that lovely 70's laminante, just painted. It looks like you put a trim/molding on the face of each door and then added a faux finish to give it more depth?

  13. Anonymous07 June

    Very inspiring. This is what I want to do for my place. It's amazing how things can be brightened up with a little work.

  14. You have a lovely home. Your painted furniture is awesome. Who wouldn't love that dressing room?

  15. You have done such an incredible job, I'm now your new follower. Darn your good.

  16. Wow! a follower from Richmond, B.C. here, you blew me away with that last picture! Who's of guessed? Awesome work indeed!

    Visit me at frugalfrenchgirl!


  17. Such a great taste and decor...I loved your dressing room, Im your newest follower

    Rasha @mychampagnetaste
    Pass by if you have time :)

  18. For the Love of Love!!!!!!!!!

  19. So much love between the two of you! That shows in your lovely and amazing work. The support from George is all a woman can ask for! I can tell George is proud to be your husband after speaking with him on the visit to your lovely home! btw, it was such a privilege!

  20. I'm excited to inform you that I have featured your gorgeous home on Mobile Home Living. I have tried to email you but always got a undeliverable message and I just couldn't wait any longer!! lol...if you have a problem with the post please contact me and I will immediately remove it or change it. If your Ok with it then please let me interview you..Had I knew for sure these comments were moderated I would've just contacted you thru here (to be honest I didn't even think of it)...let me know what you think!

  21. OMG!!! Your home is beautiful! I became a follower early on, but I don't drop by nearly enough. I'd never seen this tour. I came by to wish you a Happy New Year, and got this lovely eye candy. Now I have to check out some of the other posts I missed.

  22. Who knew a mobile home could look as beautiful as your's does. I thought your use of mirrors was brilliant. I also was impressed with the hutch you used to frame out your dressing room window.
    I do have one question, where do you do all your furniture work?

  23. I am speechless, and that never happens! I have taken the home tour of all your beautiful things, but I NEVER knew you lived in a mobile home!!

  24. Anonymous30 December

    What a great job you have done with your home! We lived in a mobile home that had been added on and made the total square footage come to 1300 sq foot. I had so much fun making that place shine like you have with yours!

  25. You are amazing! I love, love, love your home! Your painting is fabulous too! This is gorgeous inside and out! Thanks for sharing your home with us! Happy New Year!

  26. Anonymous30 December

    This is incredible!! I did not believe this was all in a mobile home, until I saw the final picture... now I guess I have to believe it! Gorgeous!

    Leanne @ Because (I think) I Can

  27. WOW!!! love,love,love this. you have a good eye for decorating. man, i'm Jels

  28. Wow, I love a good house tour & I'm amazed that this is a mobile home. You've done so much with such small spaces. So impressive! Thank you for linking it to Fabulous Friday!

    Warmly, Michelle

  29. Hello :) Im adding to your fan club :) I came across your page and love love love everything ! and especially your black cat ! ;) lol I wish you lived near me ! I have so much I want to paint and have no idea how :( cant wait to see more !

  30. forgot to ask ... Im in love with that turquiose mirror ! where did you find that ? ....and all your knobs and well just everything ! lol I think I may have found a new hobby... but Im sure I'll be wrecking my stuff .
    Nancy from Ancaster Ont

  31. Your home is soooo beautiful! I love everything! you are one classy lady!!! Great work! :)

  32. Hi, I am new to all of this as I was just searching Craigslist for a buffet and hutch...Wow! I came across a local (calif coast) blogger and furniture makeover...er.. ;-). At Reloved Rubbish. I clicked on a link and got to you. I was shocked when I got thru your pictures of your home to find that it was 1 a mobile home... And 2 the dimensions, it's unbelievable and AmAzing! You are truly gifted.

    Between the two of you, I am inspired to do what I love which is working with wood, and making beautiful things out of discarded ones. I hope to one day maybe even sell items :-) but will first start with MY home. I may call upon you for some advice and guidance if that's ok.

    Thanks so much for an inspiring Sunday morning in bed on my iPad!

  33. Wow, your work is amazing. Im just starting in the area myself and your work is inspirational!

  34. sweetness all the way around your home. Love all the up-cyclin. Stop by our blog and take a look!

    Happy Home

  35. I was absolutely stunned to see this was in a small mobile home. What an impressive job you have done. beautiful.

  36. I am stunned, speechless and completely impressed with your amazing sense of style and design ability. Are those Golden Ears in the distance?

  37. DAYUM!!! This, my dear one, is soooo awesome. What a fabulous job.
    I have to send your site address to another sweet one that is about to move into a mobile home....she will LOVE this.
    I am about to become a follower...come see me when you can.
    xo bj

  38. Hi...your place is fantastic...I knew it was a MH when I saw the ceiling...cuz, we have the same one! We will be moving into our place next Wednesday. I have a blog....Doublewide Decor..it is new...just starting to tell the story~
    I will be back!

  39. My Mom always said don't judge a book by it's cover! Simply lovely, you have inspired all of us. The're truly so many opportunities to make and appreciate beauty in all her forms! Thanks so much for sharing, Mary Anne

  40. Wow! I've just become your newest follower and just took the tour of your home. I, of course, loved every room in your home, but the last picture was the best! What a talent you have. I live in an apt so I know what it is to decorate in small spaces, but as you have proved, it can be done to look professional and homey. Your paint techniques are the best and I am just getting ready to start my first piece ever/ I've stripped, sanded and refinished before, but I've never painted and finished a piece. I'm so excited. This is my new obsession. Thanks for sharing! Judy

  41. PS just started my blog, please some visit me at judyannlincicum.blotspot.com. It's new and not very exciting yet, but I'm hoping to rev it up a bit! Judy

  42. Your home is beautiful! I love the tour of your home. Thanks for sharing.

  43. I found your link on Mobile Home Living, and am so glad I followed it! Fantastic!

  44. Amazing! Great job!!!

  45. Wowsers, you've done a fantastic amount of work making everything look fun, lovely and liveable! How 'bout I join in pitching a tent on your property - I'll help you work on the outdoor projects! ;)

  46. Seriously, my jaw is still dropped....unbelievable. you are my new fav blog...I am blog stalking even as we speak! You are INCREDIBLY talented. I DO want to try some of these designs. I live so far away from you or I would buy ALL OF YOUR PIECES...lol

    you got talent girl!

  47. I just love your posts!! So impressed! Where DO you do your wood working? I'm just starting out and it seems my house is swallowing me alive! Too many projects and not enough room! So do you have a workshop?

  48. Your home is lovely and even more remarkable that it fits in a prefab home. So many great ideas. I'm a wee bit jealous of your 2 or 3 lovely desks. We have a large home and a crappy little drop leaf table for a desk. I so need to work on finding a pretty one like yours to paint.

  49. Wow, I'm in love with your home! Beautiful and I can't wait to fix my home. I just moved in about 1 1/2 months ago and been working around my home.

    Love your place!!!

  50. Anonymous29 July

    Very nice home!

  51. Absolutely amazing! I never would have thought you lived in a singlewide. Lots of people live in manufactured homes here in North Carolina. Our first home was a newly built double wide. Six years later we moved into a two story home but I have so many fond memories of our first home. I spent so much time decorating it and adding my personal touches. "Trailers" and trailer parks can have a negative stigma in society but you are proof that any home can be beautiful, no matter how big or small. I know alot of great people who live in single and double wides. You have a beautiful place to call home! And wow what a view!

  52. Anonymous30 August

    Wow! You have done a fantastic job on your home. Creativity goes a long way in a small space. Amazing transformation. I just love your blog. Your projects inspire both my husband and myself.

    Have a great day!
    @ Antique Homes and Lifestyle

  53. STUNNING! This completely blows my mind on the spectacular job you have done!

  54. WOW! This is incredible! You sure gave this place alota bang for your buck! You have done a fabulous job with the space given and then some!LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  55. Wow, totally inspiring!! I too live in an older mobile, same size. Thanks for the inspiration!!! :)

  56. Please be warned my comment will be very long!! I just have so much to say. I have followed your blog for sometime now and I love your furniture. I should not have been surprised to see your home. I am completely in awe of your home! Although small in size it certainly makes up in style and beauty! I watched an episode of Christopher Lowell years ago and he shared someone who had remodeled a mobile home and I loved every inch of that one, yours surpasses it! I live in a very small home and hope to take your inspiration and run with it!

  57. Wow i am truly impressed with your beautiful white home! I too live in a mobile home and i am always beautifying it! Such fun, i would not trade my little trailer for a mansion because i am a widow living alone, and it's the perfect size for me. I just subscribed and will enjoy copying some of your projects, thanks!

  58. I love this! So creative.

  59. Oh my goodness Kristy and George!!! I was amazed to see you lived in a trailer after all the elegant goodies you have in your home!!! I lived in one for 9 years 23 years ago and now with a 2 story house and my son is married and been gone for a while I wish I was in one again!!! Thanks for sharing your home with me!!! Absolutely LOVE!!!!

  60. KRISTY...YOU AMAZE AND INSPIRE ME EVERYDAY!!! I lived in a trailer 32 years ago for 9 years and loved it....but we moved to a 2 story house and now that my son is grown and a family of his own I wish I had a smaller space so you showed me what can be done!!! TY

  61. This is amazing! I just purchased a mobile home and yours is an inspiration!

  62. I was going to tell you what my favorite piece was, but I just can't pick. So instead I will tell you when I was 3 years old we took the ferry over to Vancouver.

  63. OMG, tHE END BLEW ME AWAY!! a mOBILE HOME-- yOU ARE BOTH SO TALENTED! what an inspiration you are! Many USA states have a majority of housing using mobile homes, in MI, FL and CA the only affordable way to live is in a mobile home park. I will never think of mobile home living as "ok" after seeing your blog. I am a home visiting Nurse and most of my families live in mobile homes- I will be sharing your page!!

  64. Great information!! Just loved everything! Thank you for sharing!

  65. Hi! How do I follow your blog?




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