FARMHOUSE WOOD CONSOLE - from glass to weathered wood

This wood table originally
had 2 pieces of glass inset
in the top but not anymore.
I thought it would be a
perfect project to upcycle
by creating a new top.

I cleaned the kitchen island off and put the table on top so I
could walk around and paint the whole bottom easily.

I brush painted the base in Annie Sloan Pure White,
and distressed with a 180 grit sand paper. I even added a
set of 6 brass wheels to the legs.


Since the glass was broken and the table needed a new top 
figured I would check my wood stash to see what was 
available. Low and behold I had 3 weathered wood fence 
boards that would work perfectly width wise and would only
 need a trim on the miter saw. I brought them inside to dry
 properly for a few days before using them on the table.

BEFORE           AFTER

This table is listed on the
SHOWROOM page with prices and dimensions.

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  1. Gorgeous finished product, I see those tables from time to time and the glass is always missing. It looks beautiful with the wood top and painted white. Great job as always my friend

  2. Love, love the table. What kind of finish did you use for the top boards? They have a greyish color. Fantastic job!

  3. What an awesome result. I love everything about it, and the wheels are a great touch.

  4. What a nice redo of an old classic table. It's always so nice when you create... redo. It creates something no one else has. Love it and all your creations.