I have painted many upholstered chairs with
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but this is one of my
favorite DIY PROJECTS to date. This chair has
been with me for a long time and it took years
before I would commit to paint it. I knew how
good it could look but it was still so hard to put
paint on it for the first time. Are you thinking
about doing it too? Maybe some of the answers
you need are in this post.

I brush painted everything from top to bottom with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.
That includes the quilted rose fabric upholstery I had put on it years earlier. 

I used the paint straight from the can with a 1 inch paint brush.
Many ppl use water to dilute the paint in different ways but I have never done that on any of my 
painted chairs. All my chairs are holding up great to date and the first one was painted 4 years ago.

You can see the 4yr old chair at this link:


I work in thin layers when painting fabric and I prefer strong woven flat or smooth fabrics,
they have worked best for me. (No velvet or velour types)
Even though it has a texture, tapestry style fabric works well with ASCP.

I painted the frame with 3 coats of Pure White and 2 coats on the fabric.
I added a 3rd coat of a creamy white to the fabric after dark waxing the frame.
More on that in a bit.

To get the dark aged look to the carved frame I used Annie Sloan dark wax.
However I mixed the dark wax 50/50 with clear wax before applying it.
This softens the color to a more chocolate color rather than it's original stronger coffee color.
I mixed the wax right in a half empty small sized tin.


The dark wax was applied to the Pure White Chalk Paint with a 3/4 inch artist brush,
and the excess was removed with household paper towel.
As I went I was also buffing with the paper towel.
A little friction goes a long way to creating a shine on waxed surfaces.


I made sure to get the dark wax into all the grooves and crevasses.
I worked in small sections so the wax doesn't start to set on me.
If the dark wax did start to set I was able to use clear wax to lift some of it.
But I understood that putting dark wax straight onto the paint actual was staining it,
and changing the color completely.

After the dark waxing was complete on the frame I put the 3rd layer of paint
on the fabric. I mixed a little Annie Sloan Arles into Pure White
to create a creamy white to coordinate with the waxed frame.
It is ever so slight a difference on camera but it made a huge difference in person.

One more layer of paint was added to highlight the frame.
I dry brushed Pure white over the carved bits to make them stand out just a little more,
you can see the effect below.


The last 2 steps were to sand the painted upholstery with a 220 grit paper just to knock down any
bumps and give the paint a smoother finish. Then I clear waxed and buffed all the painted fabric.
It ends up feeling like soft leather.

Below is the original BEFORE photo of the chair a short while after I bought it.

BEFORE                         AFTER



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