Passed on to me from someone who knows what I
do, I was super excited the day I loaded this cabinet
into my truck. I have always wanted to makeover
one of these cabinets. Little did I know so much
time would pass before I could get started on it.

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This light fixture in my showroom looks great
now but it took a long time figuring out how to
get it to look this good. I had found and bought
many different fixtures to dress it up but nothing
work right until I thought outside the box and
found this crystal thing-a-ma-jig at a yard sale.

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THE FRENCH SIDE TABLE - made with long legs

Happy New Year!

GG and I enjoyed our Christmas with my family again this
year, unfortunately we don't get to spend anytime with his
family and grandchildren on the east coast. We do have plans
to see them again this summer, but for now it is time to get
back to work and focus on planning that trip. One week into
2016 and I have a new project finished and ready to share with
you, a french side table I built.

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This is a great project for some spare time 
on the weekend or a project to build with a 

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I found these handles in a home in a small Eastern
Canadian town. I was helping out by upgrading
some existing hardware on the main floor of the 
home and had spied these while I was looking 
for a tool in the basement. The cabinet they were
on was old and not being use. The handles were
bent and damaged and some falling apart. When
everything was all said and done I was more
than happy to get these handles in exchange for
the work I had done.
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2015 Christmas Decor

It seems over the last while we have had one wind storm
after another and as a result there have been a ton of power
and utility outages all over the area. We have endured a few
of these outages and I find myself choosing to do some
more holiday decorating or worse yet REDECORATING
what I already did. Please enjoy some of the photos of our
Christmas decor ... 
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LIL SHABBY CHIC HALL CABINET - IG and portuguese marble

4 the love of WOOD is now on Instagram but
the link has not been updated on the blog.
Some of you know what IG is and others have
only heard of it. I was asked by more and more
people to try it and a few weeks ago I started to
get the hang of it. I like it because it is actually
simpler to follow others on-line and quicker
for me to post quick pics right from my phone.

For those looking to follow on IG the ID is

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VINTAGE DESK in VINTAGE TURQUOISE - annie sloan painted desk

All of the Annie Sloan paint colors have a high volume of
pigment in them, this is 1 reason it can be used to dye fabric.
The vintage color on this project to the left was mixed using
AS paint. The AS color Florence, super rich aqua green is
an amazing ingredient to have on hand when playing with 
color mixes. To achieve this mix it only took a few drops
of Florence in white to achieve this soft turquoise.
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These days there are tons of choices in pretty
knobs to use in our homes but what or how do
you deal with the extra long post they have
sticking out of the back?  It is there to help
everyone install the knobs on just about any
cabinet but a lot of the time they are way too
long for normal use. 

This is an article to help you deal with that problem.

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MARKET WEEKEND - the Olde Farmhouse

This Saturday and Sunday Nov. 14 & 15 is the Olde
Farmhouse market in Abbotsford and I will be there
visiting and shopping. Last week's market in Fort
Langley was a handful with a huge wind & rain
storm putting a damper on every aspect. I was
straddling a pool of water in my booth while smiling
and wrapping up purchases. The weather for this
weekend does call for some rain but I think it is going
to be so much fun. I have even heard the booth set-ups
are outstanding. Christmas here we come!

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The Deja Vu market that was held in North Vancouver
last weekend was great. There were a steady stream
of customers coming through the door. People were 
snapping up treasures in every booth. And the selection
of vendors was perfect, everything from baked goods
to vintage oil cans, all manor of reclaimed furniture
and custom made spool clocks. Here are just a few
photos I took while shopping and I have included a
ton of valuable links along with them.
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FURNITURE REPURPOSING - behind the scenes

While I'm under the weather and resting I thought
I would share some behind the scenes photos from
a past project that just might get you kick started on
your own repurposing projects or at least get you
thinking ....

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I do not have a lot to update you on the goings on 
around here as I have been under the weather since
early this week. Flu & fever has now turned into
a nasty head cold but I am getting much needed 
bed rest and lots of time flipping through my
decorating mags.

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This article is about how this stylish
coffee table was re-inventing using a very
short and very vintage dressing vanity.

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WHERE TO FIND FURNITURE LEGS - distressed white nightstands

Where do you find furniture legs?

Antique stores sometimes have metal and wood legs to buy.
My Restore has even had a bin of furniture legs available to
purchase. During clean up week George, my GF, and I have
taken legs off several wingback chairs. George found legs
attached to a wet road side sofa and managed to cram it into
the van. The wet sofa has to be taken to the landfill but for that
fee I get some nice legs. I have bought many bargain coffee tables
with great legs at yard sales. A little deconstruction and VOILA.
Not everyone has a big vehicle to pick up road side finds or can
carry a saw in their vehicle *just in case*. The legs I got for this
nightstand project came from a very simple place that anyone
can handle.

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I bought this pair of old bottles with the french labels
attached at a vintage market awhile ago. The seller had 
printed the labels on a home PC and glued them on the 
bottles. I love the bottles and the labels but recently
I moved them into the bathroom. The shower steam 
started to make the paper bubble and wave, looking
more shabby than chic, so I fixed them ...
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THE ALICE DRESSER REVEAL - with a fix it tip and tool suggestion

I've used a lot of power drivers in my time but the one I use now has
been my favorite for years. I first saw it in use when I was working on
a site job 6 years ago. The electrician had it and I immediately asked
about it. It is a cordless rechargeable tool that is super light weight and
has the power I need for most jobs. When I got home I bought one and
a year later I bought a second one I was so impressed. I've included a
photo of it in this post, you may just want one yourself once you see it.

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REPURPOSE A DESK INTO BEDSIDES - 3 drawer bedside cabinets

I found a solid wood desk on the roadside the day after we got
home from holidays. It was a perfect WELCOME HOME sign!!!
I would not have found it if we didn't have to go back to the airport.
When we arrived home from our vacation our luggage did not 
arrive with us. Through the window we had seen our bags did not
make it onto our plane, so we asked the flight attendant how that
all works and he explained the baggage will take the next flight. 
Our flight only flies into our home airport once a day so the next
morning we arrived back at the airport and there was our luggage
coming off the next flight. I hope sharing this info might help some
of you feel better if you see your luggage left behind. 

Now onto the beat up desk project ....

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I found an amazing sideboard before we left on holidays.
It was also amazingly expensive but I wanted to work
with it. It would be just like me to start a dozen projects
before going on vacation and that is exactly what I did.
So now that I'm back home I've been cleaning up all the
projects I started. Next on the list was to finish the 
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My mother has always used old suitcases to store all
sorts of things, and the smaller ones are very useful in
tight homes like mine. I don't have a lot of them myself
but I do use everyone I have. I store favorite magazines
in one and books in another. I have all the glitter and 
glue for Christmas projects in a third. All my packing
stuff for shipping is kept in a fourth one. I like using
them because I can easily grab the one I need and take
it to wherever I am working. When you stack them like 
I have done they work well as a side table and it looks
pretty cool too.

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INSPIRED CABINET - with lion hardware

With having a vacation under my belt,
great weather, and an unexpected large purchase
coming soon I have been working up a storm
getting all sorts of projects finished. Today's
reveal is a piece I painted a long time ago and
has been waiting for the right inspiration to finish.
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MAKING YOUR PROJECT UNIQUE WITH WAX - paris dresser / tv sideboard

I've detailed how this dresser was made to look pretty
unique by using dark wax in certain places but I have
also explained how I did all the other steps by including
a half dozen links to some of my other articles to help
you achieve similar looks with your projects.
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Earlier this month I started several projects that
had to be put on hold because of our summer
vacation. This storage closet was one of them.
It was high time we travel to Eastern Canada to
see George's family, after all he had not met his
youngest grandchild since she was born several
years ago.

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DARK WAXED WOOD TOP - white and wood nightstands

My first experience using wax was when I had to polish my dress
shoes as a kid. As a teenager I learned to wax cars and how to buff
to get that perfect shine. As a young adult setting up house I learn
the value of waxes and polishes for my furniture. Now most days I
use wax to protect and finish my paint jobs but for this project I used
my Annie Sloan Dark wax a little differently. 

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Even when I'm on vacation I can't seem to stop
surrounding myself with chipped paint, rusty metal,
vintage wood, sparkling crystals, and white painted furniture.
Surprise, surprise!!!

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WHITE TUFTED STOOL - made from a round side table


A favorite project of mine was when I turned an
unwanted piece of furniture into a tufted stool
and I want to make another soon.

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I was rePurposing a clothes closet for someone special
and the original piece I was working with, came with
smoked glass panels set in 2 doors. I knew the look I
wanted for the finished closet but it was not going to
work with the glass looking that way. 

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ADDING THOSE LONG LEGS - 2 drawer chest

Somewhere along the way I lost interest in finishing
a little two drawer chest I had purchased. And to add
to the unfortunate situation, the original price tag was
high for such a small piece. It then ended up in last
week's yard sale with a much smaller price tag and
did not sell. I heard one man say "what is that good
for" but my vision was always clear ...

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This will feel like deja vu to some of you that read last weeks
post about the first rePurposing of a gate leg table I did. I had 
two of them marked at $5 at our yard sale yet neither of them
sold. I always feel bad for the stuff left behind and it some how
re-invigorates me to find the time to rePurpose them myself.
This article is about the second table that got a new life.

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HOW TO MAKE A SOFA TABLE - from a gate leg table

I hate watching furniture pieces that need tlc get over-looked
at my yard sale. There are pieces that other folks just can't
see the potential in yet I see it so clearly. That's what
happened this past weekend, two gate leg tables got passed 
over numerous times. I saw 2 different ladies looking and 
thinking then a husband would come over and say "No".
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BEAUTIFUL WORKSHOP SINK - made from an old dresser

My friend owns a home decor store and she is also the local Annie
Sloan Chalk Paint retailer. We got to know each other before anyone
in these woods knew about Annie's Chalk Paint but with the same
passion and the new paint we have so much more fun supporting
each other. This year my friend had the unique opportunity to make
a BIG move and double her square footage and she jumped in with
both feet.

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DRESSING UP SHELVING - tall white display shelf

Solid wood shelves are hard to find these days.
If I do find one I grab it no matter what it might
be missing because adding to a shelving unit is
a lot of fun for me.
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CUTTING UP ART DECO VANITIES - small space nightstands

If you consider cutting up an old vanity for a
repurposing project just be cautions and think
through the process. In the end you have to fix
whatever damage is caused to the sides so
going slow in the beginning will help in the end.

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BEING A MARKET VENDOR - olde farmhouse spring market


Everyone waiting to attend a great vintage market, well
The Olde Farmhouse Market in Maple Ridge, BC is this
Saturday.  >>>>>>>>>> Woohoo! <<<<<<<<<<<<<

I still get asked by many if I will be a vendor there and
at other markets, unfortunately the answer is no. I can't
participate in these events for the same reason I had to
stop working outside of the home.
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So many ppl have seen or owned their own piece of
1970's colonial bedroom furniture. The stuff does last
and looks really good painted. This pair of nightstands
were spray painted using Annie Sloan Chalk paint, and
clear and dark wax used to create the look you see here
to the left. Check out the BEFORE AND AFTER
photos for this project.
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Learning how to use dark wax on white paint
in the hopes to achieve an aged appearance
is tricky! You will benefit from having some
extra confidence to experiment but I'm hoping
a little extra guidance will help you a long the
way. I have uploaded a short video showing
how I use dark wax on white furniture to get
the look you see on this large cabinet.

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HOW TO PAINT FRET WORK - white display cabinet

How do you paint fancy wood fret work on a glass fronted
cabinet without getting paint on the glass? The first thing
to consider is taking the glass out. In many cases though 
the glass is secured so well into the door frame that more 
damage would be caused trying to remove it than it is 
worth. Today I'll share how I spray painted the fret work 
on my cabinet. This option works for brush painting also.

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CHECKERED FUTURE - natural wood and white dresser

We've all heard the saying "Don't judge a book by
it's cover" well this 1920's dresser definitely proved
that statement true. The exterior was in nice shape,
well stained and polyurethaned, the problem
was inside ...  

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WHITE VINTAGE STYLED DESK - metal details & rope handles

SHABBY CHIC OFFICE ... here I come!

I overhauled this next project with different hardware
and paint, I also added some metal details that you 
can all get if you just know where to look.

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KITCHEN ISLAND UPDATES - white and turquoise

Lately each morning while working at the kitchen island
I have been hearing a familiar sound coming from outside.
It doesn't lasting long enough for me to get out there and 
before I know I am brushing it off as if I've just imagined it.
But yesterday morning I heard the noise again, and I was at
the front door taking some pictures, the sound was loud and
obvious and I rushed outside to investigate.
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What a mysterious combination of items to include in a blog
title eh? Well the Lilac's are in bloom (they smell amazing)
and I plucked a few for a photo shoot of my small space coffee/tea table. Now that those two items are cleared up let me explain about the scarey heart surgery bit.

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SANDPAPER TIPS - large bedsides

There are lots of ways to create a distressed
finish on painted furniture but I end up always
going back to my trusted sandpaper. While I
was working on these nightstands I took some
photos to share of the different look I get with
different grades of sandpaper.

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SHABBY CHIC BOYS CABINET - tips for a masculine cabinet

Easter is just around the corner and as a child my Grandfather
loved to make elaborate scavenger hunts with hidden notes
and mysterious riddles for my sister and I. He had us running
back and forth hunting over at least an acre of land looking
for the next clue cause we knew there was one huge chocolate
easter egg at the end and it was filled with more goodies.
For me it was more like winning a trophy than an actual
Easter hunt and I wanted to display my prize for everyone
to see.

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There are a ton of upholster tutorials on the web
but everyone still asks how I do my corners. I am
not professionally trained, I learned over the years
what works and what doesn't. The same way the
first upholsterer must have learned through trial
and error. I have uploaded 2 short videos taken
while doing the corner upholstery on a footstool.
First lets go over a few of the beginning steps ...

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This is how it happens ...
I was at the drug store early one morning and as I
passed by the magazine rack I found a new magazine
jumped into my basket. For me a new magazine means
shutting out the world and enjoying some quiet time in
a comfy chair. When I arrived home and unpacked my
bag I decided to get into that chair and started flipping
through the new magazine. That's the moment it happened,
I flipped to the next page and saw some vintage foot stools
that I adored and then the whole plan came into my head
how to make my own.

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What would you do with a large collection
of old furniture legs? I have a huge stockpile
of tapered furniture legs that continues to grow
because I didn't know what to do with it.
I've run across different projects on Pinterest
but none really got me excited. Finally a
magazine article changed that and I found
myself consumed with an idea and I went
straight to my work room and got started.

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PIN-WORTHY WINE BAR - stereo cabinet makeover

I lost interest in this solid wood french provincial
stereo cabinet and offered it up for another anxious
soul to revive, little did I know it's potential in the
spirits category.

This one is PIN-WORTHY!

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When I was very young my mother wallpapered
one wall in our bathroom with paper that looked
similar to newsprint. It was the end wall next to
the toilet. The first thing you saw when you walked
in and it was always there to look at and read if
you had the chance to stay awhile. There were
parisienne can can dancers and theatre ads. Lots
of images of household wares for sale like a new
iron that would revolutionize your life. It was
all very worldly to a small child and I will never
forget those images.

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I am a fan of Murdoch Mysteries, a Canadian TV drama
series set in the 1890's. For those unfamiliar with the
plot, Constable William Murdoch is a Toronto detective who
solves his cases using methods of detection that were new to
the time. There are many scenes set in the streets of Toronto
and I enjoy seeing all the shop signs that have been recreated
for filming. They also shoot scenes in the city morgue
which has a great turn of the century look. When I was
working on this next project I envisioned this cabinet in that
setting with white vintage labelling on the glass. But how to
recreate that for myself?
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