This piece was passed on to me
from someone who knows what
do. I was super excited the day
I loaded this cabinet into my
truck. I have always wanted to
makeover one of these cabinets.
Little did I know so much time
would pass before I could get
started on it.

Another thing I didn't realize until I started was how little 
paint I would actually need. This project would need more 
time and patience because of the glass. I chose to brush paint
 it with ASCP pure white, while sitting on a stool listing to music.

I knew if I ever had the opportunity to get my hands on one
 of these pieces it would be turned into a glamorous storage
 cabinet that could be used for ladies shoes.

Here are some examples found on Pinterest ....

Another use would be to fill it full of towels for the bathroom.

More great examples found on Pinterest ....


I made a special trip to the fabric store to buy
a tassel just for the key. I wallpapered the back of
the interior in a 2 toned floral print.


all your hardware needs for finishing off your next
shabby chic project.


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