REPURPOSING AN OLD SPOON RACK - with krylon spray paint

Janome Canada tasked me with repurposing several thrifted items, including an old spoon
rack. I thought this should be a fun DIY project.
I have seen more than enough of them sitting
on thrift store shelves so I figured start with
some Krylon paint and see what happens.

I came up with the idea to turn the SPOON RACK into a SPOOL RACK,
using a bin of old bolts I had in the junk drawer and took it a step farther by adding
a pin board on the back to keep all those needles and loose ribbons corralled.

First I went out and bought some spray paint and a foam core board.
KRYLON and RUST-OLEUM came to the rescue.


I measured and cut the foam board to fit into the back panels of my spoon rack,
but before installing them I wrap the foam board in a coordinating fabric.

I painted all the bolts gold and hot glued them upside down in the cut outs.
 I like the RUST-OLEUM gold much more than others

I finished it off by adding a pink ribbon across the front of the shelves to hide the hot glue.

Whether you need a spool rack or not
I hope this inspires you to recreate your own spoon rack.


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