It's about "TIME"
I changed my header pictures, so last night before bed I re-arranged, cropped,
edited, and stitched a new set of pictures for you all to be welcomed with.

 Let me know what you think !

and It's about "TIME"
I got back to finishing furniture and stop re-arranging rooms,
for now anyway!

Taking pictures of painted furniture and sharing them on-line
never truely conveys the color of a piece.
This Kroehler dresser is a bright full bodied TURQUOISE,
and gorgeous with the dark wood showing through.

It's definetly one that has to be seen in person to fully appreciate.
This chippy look was achieved by spraying MILK paint on the drawers then spraying
AS CHALK paint and watching the MILK paint layer chip off as it does so well on it's own,
taking the CHALK paint with it.

I snuck some vintage knobs from the Etsy shop to finish her off.

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