HOW TO MAKE A SOFA TABLE - from a gate leg table

I hate watching furniture pieces that need tlc get over-looked
at my yard sale. There are pieces that other folks just can't
see the potential in yet I see it so clearly. That's what
happened this past weekend, two gate leg tables got passed 
over numerous times. I saw 2 different ladies looking and 
thinking then a husband would come over and say "No".

Here is the BEFORE photo of the first of the tables, I couldn't even get $5 for it,
and it's an antique solid Canadian made piece.

The top piece is seriously damaged with a split and huge crack and I wouldn't even try to fix it,
and that is all ppl see. But there is so much more to this table then that one broken piece.

All I used was a screw driver to take the top off, unscrew the side legs, and screw one of the good
 pieces back on to the top and wah-lah I have a super cute sofa table made with quality wood.

A coat of ASCP in Pure White, a little distressing with a 120 grit paper, and a waxing made it perfect.
If you would like to see how I use Annie Sloan wax to finish this piece off check this short video:


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  1. I just about died when I say that table that nobody wanted...I would have died to get my hands on that. Especially for $5. You did an amazing job turning it into a sofa table. Love it! Thanks for sharing that amazing transformation.

  2. Nice. I wouldn't have waited until it was marked down to $5 ! I'd have paid the original price. The right people just were not at your sale.

  3. Wish I had of been there!