DARK WAXED WOOD TOP - white bedside cabinets

My first experience using wax was when I had to polish my dress
shoes as a kid. As a teenager I learned to wax cars and how to buff
to get that perfect shine. As a young adult setting up house I learn
the value of waxes and polishes for my furniture. Now most days I
use wax to protect and finish my paint jobs but for this project I used
my Annie Sloan Dark wax a little differently. 

Before I got to play with the wax I added some legs to these nightstands.
As always, they were salvaged from an old piece of furniture.

The tops of these nightstands were in bad shape and not solid wood so I 
decided to add some amazing vintage wood right over the existing tops.

The wood I used was salvaged from a midcentury dresser. It was originally covered with
veneer so it was untouched with stain or paint and perfect to accept DARK WAX!

BEFORE                     AFTER


Annie Sloan dark wax stains the wood and protects it.


The drawers are all lined in a small patterned  English wallpaper and
the hardware is a fun yard sale find with great patina. 

BEFORE                  AFTER


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