TURNING A DESK INTO TWO BEDSIDE TABLES and painting them with annie sloan chalk paint

I found a solid wood desk on the roadside
the morning after we got home from a 2
week vacation. It was a wonderful WELCOME
HOME!!! I would never have found the desk
if we didn't have to go back to the airport the
retrieve our late luggage. While boarding our
plane back east we saw through the window
that our bags were not making it on our plane,
as panic strikes and we asked the flight attendant
what happens now.

"The baggage will take the next flight" he said. 
Our flight only comes into our home airport once a day so the next
morning we arrived back at the airport and there was our luggage
coming off the next flight. I hope sharing this info might help some
of you feel better if you see your luggage being left behind.

Now onto the roadside desk project ....
BEFORE                  AFTER

The middle drawer was missing and one set of legs was already broken off this old desk.
I removed the other set of legs and started unscrewing the top from the inside.

I will use the top for another project down the road and find two smaller pieces for this project.

The next step was to separate the two sides. I checked to see if there was any screws holding
things together and found it was all glue and dowels, so out came my SKIL JIGSAW.

I did NOT cut the dowels flush so I would not damage the flat side of the panels.

I sanded each area where the desk was originally joined and used my
trusty wood filler to smooth everything out.

When it was time to find new tops for the two sets of drawers I went to my wood stash and found
two desk pull outs made of solid wood that only needed one cut to fit my new bedsides cabinets.
The new tops attached the same way the old top came off, screws from underneath.

I added a set of cabriole legs on the fronts and a set of straight legs to the backs of each cabinet.
Then I sprayed them with Annie Sloan 50/50 old and pure white before distressing.

The handles I choice for these drawers are pairs of genuine antique swing pulls.



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  1. The luggage thing happened to us last year. Luckily, another flight was a few hours behind us so we just waited at the airport. Turned out, the reason it missed our flight was because security had to open up my bag and check it out. I had wrapped up a jar of Georgia jam to get it home safely and they thought it looked suspicious. I had so many other things I had to hand-carry, and some of my goodies had to go in the luggage. Nothing busted though, so I still got to enjoy the jam. Love the desk makeover.... you did good !

  2. Absolutely beautiful..how clever!!