6 MILLION DOLLAR CHAIR - upholstered white chair

This post is for my dear friend Bliss.
She requested some insights into chair upholstery,
but Bliss should know she would get a bit more than what she asked for.


Below is how our chair was found.

Ladies, we can rebuild her.

We have the technology.

We have the capability to build the world's best chair.

Our hero will be that chair.

Better than she was before.



and more fascinating.

Okay enough of the open theme to the popular 70's show
The six million dollar man.

The toughest part to reupholstery I find is the tear down.
It's dirt and dangerous to your hands with all the old rusty nails and staples.

I use 2 manual staple guns loaded with different sized staples,
1/4 inch and 1/2 inch.

Keep in mind,
Not every piece has to be upholstered the same as the way you found it.

This chair was upholstered with a set of white quilted pillow shames found second hand,
and edged with new trim from the fabric store.

I know there are many of you out there with an upholstery project staring at you
wanting to know when you will get started. I'm no different.

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WHAT'S ON THE INSIDE - furniture interiors

Sometimes it can be just as fun to redo and enjoy the inside of your furniture project
just as much as the outside.

Here are a some of my favorite interiors I have completed.

And finally below a link to my tutorial sharing easy tips to
fold and cut drawer liners using wallpaper.


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PART II A LEG UP - adding legs to furniture

I've given you some tips to adding legs to your furniture projects,
now I want to share different styles and types with you.

The 3 legs used on this corner unit
were salvaged from a little queen anne side table.

NEW Lee Valley cast iron lions feet were added to this little shelf.

Next an example of cast iron stove legs.

The legs on this media console are sections cut from uprights
an octagon 70's side table.
Most of you know the ones, next time  you see one
stop and grab it.

Even a bed frame can have bun feet added to lift it up.
These bun feet if I recall correctly were found on a curb side love seat.
Just stop the car, jump out, unscrew each leg, and your on your way.
I don't have one great source for legs, I simply watch for them every where I go.
An important thing to keep in mind when thinking about installing legs
is the weight of the furniture and the strength of your legs and install.

And of course if your furniture is better suited for casters
don't stop until you find a great industrial set.
Who doesn't like furniture that moves easily?


More inspiration can be found in Part I here

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PART I A LEG UP - adding legs to furniture

A very popular question I get asked about is the legs I add to many of my furniture pieces.
So I thought I would share some project photos and information
to show how dramatic and fun it can be.


I'm not going to suggest it's simple or easy.
Most every piece needs to be altered in some way to accept a set of legs.
On this particular dresser I had to add an apron around the exterior and bracing between the legs.

Measuring, cutting, gluing, clamping and screwing are all needed
when altering or adding to vintage furniture.

The set of solid wood legs used on this dresser came from a MDF topped coffee table.

Here are some more bedside tables I've added legs to.




I generally only use 2 fancy legs on the front and stock lumber legs
on the back. Below you can see the 4 solid oak legs used on this set above.
This was the bottom of a strange open box cabinet thing I found at a yard sale.


Here is another dresser that originally sat flat on the floor before I added the legs.
The legs used were purchased new at Windsor Plywood locally to me.
The bottom of this black chest needed to be re-enforced with some more framing
before I could safely add the new feet.

Getting any ideas yet?

More ideas available on Part II found here
ALSO ...
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