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Tomorrow is my birthday, I'll be 29 again, okay 40 something and I know as soon as I tell you it's my birthday many of you will be so kind and send birthday wishes so to thank you in advance.

I flew all the way from Vancouver to Florida to bring you all
a very rare treat. There is a hidden jewel of a shop in
St. Petersburg Florida that you all would love to visit but
because you can't I have brought it to you. Greeting you on
the side walk is a magical life size rabbit dressed in his best
party clothes sitting upon a cow hide upholstered french settee.

Upon entering this magical place you start to see the most wonderful
pieces of furniture painted in white.

Forget any worldly concerns you might have because
everything you see is surely here to ensure a journey into a fantasy land.

During your visit you start to notice all the amazing upholstered
chairs finished in a variety of fabrics including vintage chenille and quilted florals. 

Trimmed in pink and accent by the designs of the original
fabrics these chairs make you rethink a small corner of your own world.

Vignettes abound everywhere you look.

Including this miniature scene contained in a little box,

and the most cozy and inviting bed.

Many more pictures of this wonderful place can be seen
from a previous visit here.

Hedwigs has been closed now for some time.

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