NEW YEAR - turquoise cabinet

So for my first project this year I wanted to get back to creating, recycling, and rebuilding.

Here we are in the new year and I find the list of things to do so long.

The holiday decorations now have to come down and be neatly stored away for another year.
We have one of those fancy storage box springs that lift on hydraulics to hide all the Christmas decor.
 I recommend these to anyone looking for extra storage.
Kat on the other hand is not so fond of the bed lifting up and disturbing her beauty sleep.

Over the last 8 months I have been slowly setting up my back room work shop to function just right for my ever aching back. I need good work surfaces great open storage and the ability to sit while I'm painting. Now that we are in the colder months and most of my painting is indoors this space is definitely on the list to finalize.

While I work on this list the furniture continues to stack up making
me feel I'm not getting much accomplished, and I am disappointed
my reinventing of furniture has not been utilized as much as I'd prefer.

I started with a simple vintage 2 drawer chest

A large and heavy framed mirror

Appliques actually salvage road side during last year's recycle week

Bits of recycled wood from all my travels including:
stairs spindles, 3 dresser aprons, old pine shelving, and another dresser
of lesser value scarified its self for the structure of the upper portion.

It's painted in a beautiful deep turquoise that has to been seen.
It has been waxed, distressed, and waxed again to a super soft finish.

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