MARBLE MASTERPIECE - george's old dresser

The OLD WORLD style dresser is complete.

We'll I'm still going to lay a few more coats of poly on the top as long as it is here.
It has at least seven coats now but a few more won't hurt as
I want a nice glassy finished look to the faux marble top.

BEFORE               and                    AFTER
George and I got this dresser several years ago when we first started playing house,
and yes it was bright teal when we got it!

It now looks luscious but this makeover also has an in between photo.

At the time I had a full time job and a can of brown AURA paint by Benjamin Moore.
I put the embellishment on it and paired it with a mirror I found, painted it all and it served us well.

Since we redid our dressing room last year it really has not had a place here any more.
So it was time to move on and let it go to a home where it can be used again.

The Georgian style hardware I used was sprayed with OIL RUBBED BRONZE
from Rustoleum. It's a delicious metallic chocolate color.

And the part most of you are waiting to see ...
The faux painted marble top.
Long ago I learned to do this and did it very successfully
on my bathtub surround.
If I ever come across photos of it I will be sure to share.

One more surprise ...
The bright teal is also inside and still lining all the drawers.
How fun is that?
Traditional outside with a bit of fun inside.

The body color is ASCP old white with Minwax dark wax over top.

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  1. The dresser turned out beautifully! Great job!


  2. The dresser came out amazing. I was sure that was real marble. Awesome job. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  3. Wow! Stopping by from Better After. You do stunning work. I love that dresser! Come by and say hello

  4. This dresser is crazy awesome!!! Saw it at Better After. Now I'm off to tour your house! LOL!! :)

  5. Pretty impressive! Saw you on Better After. Beautiful.

  6. Beautiful!! You are a talented lady.

  7. The dresser looks amazing! Great job!

  8. Stopping by from "just a housewife." I love that marble treatment on the dresser! Absolutely brilliant.....and the union jack dropcloth painting ain't too shabby either!

  9. This is gorgeous!! Can you tell me what color and type of paint you used? I would love to use this color on a bench I am going to refinish. Thank you!!

  10. How are the handles holding up? They pivot right? I would think they might wear or chip.

    I have similar style handles on an old dresser that I would love to do the same thing to it.



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