What brand of paint do you use for your furniture?

I have used latex paints for years but currently I am a firm supporter of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

What kind of wax do you use for your furniture?

I use Minwax paste finishing wax in natural & dark as well as Annie Sloan clear & dark wax.

What colors of paint do you use?

I use many of the ASCP colors available including Old White, Pure White, Graphite, Provence, Coco, and Emperors Silk. I mix and match to achieve the look I want.

Where do you do all your furniture work?

In the warmer months I typically work outdoors with my paint sprayer.
In the winter I work in a backroom, building and brush painting.

What kind of paint sprayer do you use?

It is a Campbell Hausfelt gravity feed gun and you can see a post written with more information here.

Do you put chalk paint in your paint sprayer?

Yes the process is the same as using latex. I thin it out with water.
More information can be found here.

How do you fill holes to change out hardware?

I offer an easy tutorial found here.

Where do you get all your knobs and handles you use?

Most of it is recycled from other furniture and second hand store finds. Etsy is a great place to find vintage hardware. firstfinds on Etsy has 1000's of pieces of shabby chic white vintage hardware. New hardware can be found at home improvement stores and some home decor stores.

Where do you get the appliques you use?

I use many unconventional items for appliques, including picture frames, garden fencing, and wall scones. A list of posts with examples can be found here.

Where do you get the legs you add to furniture?

Most of my legs are salvaged from other vintage pieces but sometimes I can find new legs at Hardware stores. Legs can be cut from bed posts, pillars, table legs, and chairs.

How do you pick the furniture you work on?

There are 3 important factors I go by - Solid Wood, Damaged, Unwanted 

If I want to stain the top of a dresser and paint the base, which should I do first?
I prefer to paint the body before staining the top and I turn the project upside down for the painting. Stain and poly requires longer drying times.
The painting will go quickly and you will see results that will motivate you to want to spend the extra time needed for the top.

Here is a quick look at some of the new hardware available in the Etsy Shop .

There are 1000's of pieces of up-cycled hardware to choose from at 
firstfinds hardware store




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