MYSTERY REDO - cabinet

I lost my comments box on 2 posts earlier this week due to a new feature added by blogger.
I`ve been running around doing some fixes and now they are back.
Truth is I am very sad I missed out on all those comments so I have re posted
both write ups: the pink chandelier and our snow pictures so ppl can comment in the future.

 Now for today's mystery ...

This is a redo of a redo, maybe those of you who have been here before
can guess which one it is before we get to the end?

She did not sell in her first disguise but she has done her fair share
of being used for different displays.

Everyone who met her always touched her and commented on her beauty.

She use to have a silky smooth bright finish but now
I've added an aged feel to her dress.

She's the same girl on the inside just with a new do!
Any guesses yet?

I created new curves and new shapes with some picture molding and
some creative placement of two broken chair arms.

I cut out the front panels and removed the glass doors.

New paint color and finish, creative hardware mixing and matching
with appliques, she's a made over woman. 

It's my original sleeping beauty makeover that can be seen here.

I even tried to find the space to keep her, like I magically found a new room or something.

Perfect for a nursery or girl's room.
Heaven forbid some of you ladies would love it in your own boudoir.

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  1. wow just when I think you can't out do do! Lovely piece!

  2. In the big lush bathroom that I dream about she would be perfect. Filled with white soft towels, clear jars of bath salts. In my dreams....

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! i so wish i lived near you (or even in the same country!) because she would definately be sitting in my little girls room now...sigh, i LOVE your work x Justine

  4. We inherited some furniture similar to that when we bought an old building. I told Brawn don't throw it, someone might want it. I guess I'm that someone! Who would of thought I be thinking I could rescue it and make it look nice. You obviously have a more forgiving eye than I do.


  5. I just love your work!! You are such a source of inspiration for me! Great piece!

  6. The transformation of your project is amazing. Never would have believed that was the same piece of furniture. Great job:)

  7. Oh do I love that hardware you put on this piece. What a difference those little details make. I am glad you mentioned something about blogger because someone said they couldn't find my comment box. Ergh. Blogger is a love/hate relationship sometimes.

  8. ok...Now this is absolutely beautiful!! I must say this is my favorite piece of all blog land! Amazing what you did with the chair arms..who da thunk?? You are so talented and what inspiration you project for others. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love the new look. Very girly. You wont have any trouble selling it now. Love your work! Dee

  10. I have noticed a big drop off in the comments on my blog since the changes were made. I know that some people using Internet Explorer can't access the comments but those using Firefox and Chrome can with no problems. Yikes.
    I always stop by here to get my creative juices flowing and you never disappoint.

  11. "She" is just beautiful!!!! I know that someone is going to love to adopt her for their home!

  12. oh that is just so pretty! love the lining!

  13. You really are so very talented!! I am so happy to have found your blog. Good job, my goodness, good job!

  14. hey I linked up with MMS too!