6 MILLION DOLLAR CHAIR - upholstered white chair

This post is for my dear friend Bliss.
She requested some insights into chair upholstery,
but Bliss should know she would get a bit more than what she asked for.


Below is how our chair was found.

Ladies, we can rebuild her.

We have the technology.

We have the capability to build the world's best chair.

Our hero will be that chair.

Better than she was before.



and more fascinating.

Okay enough of the open theme to the popular 70's show
The six million dollar man.

The toughest part to reupholstery I find is the tear down.
It's dirt and dangerous to your hands with all the old rusty nails and staples.

I use 2 manual staple guns loaded with different sized staples,
1/4 inch and 1/2 inch.

Keep in mind,
Not every piece has to be upholstered the same as the way you found it.

This chair was upholstered with a set of white quilted pillow shames found second hand,
and edged with new trim from the fabric store.

I know there are many of you out there with an upholstery project staring at you
wanting to know when you will get started. I'm no different.

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  1. Fabulous! and how wrong is it that I can still recite the opening to the $6 million dollar man too?!

    Love your post!

  2. Very fitting intro considering you are like the Bionic Woman of the furniture world! So if I understand this right, the secret is staple guns? I don't have to sew just staple? That is like akin to gluing. I can do that. "Mom, what do you want for mothers day this year to go with the extension cord reel you asked for last?" STAPLE GUNS! My own, not to share with dad.


  3. Love the chair, great job.

  4. Love the chair, and I love the 6 million dollar man reference even more. But truly, I was a die hard Bionic woman fan. Tearing a phone book in half? That is my kind of gal.

  5. She is so elegant! Awesome job.

  6. Hi, Kristy!
    I loved the tutorial, as usual!
    So, do you staple and then glue the trim on top?
    I sent you an email about workshops, did you get it?

  7. beautiful! Thank You for sharing

  8. What a gorgeous chair. I am always amazed by what I find inside an upholstered piece. What was the green stuff?

  9. I love it! Makes me want to sit down and grab a seat!

  10. Oh, my! I love this chair! I am attempting to re-do two cane chairs I found at a yard sale, but they are kicking my (not-so-bionic) butt. New follower here!

  11. Your work is beautiful. The chair is a razzle-dazzal stunner. Virginia