NO MORE RIPPED PANTIES - cutting hardware posts tutorial

How many of us love our pretty glass knobs? Put up your hand!

How many of us hate the metal post that sticking out the back? Put up your hand!

We like to put pretty knobs on pretty furniture,
and we like to put our pretty things into the
drawers and cupboards of our pretty furniture.
Sometimes our pretty things get caught on these
not so pretty protruding posts and cause damage to our pretty things.

This post is dedicated to saving all your pretty things!

One of the last things I do after installing glass knobs on furniture
is to cut the posts off and I thought you may like to learn how I do it.

There are 3 tools I use for this job.

A pair of pliers

to tighten the nut on the post.

A set of mini bolt cutters

to easily cut off the post.

A metal rasp or file

to smooth the edges of the metal.

You have now protected all your pretty things.
You should be able to find a version of these 3 tools at your local home improvement store.


tomorrow I'll have this project to share with you ...

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