ITALIAN RENAISSANCE - gramaphone cabinet

Unique compared to today's style and shape of furniture,
I'm sure most didn't see potential in the original piece the way it was found at the auction.

It had been altered long before we ever set eyes on it, but
it did have a makers mark on it the back making it possible to do some research.

It is a McLagan cabinet probably pre 1920's
in an Italian Renaissance style.
Originally a phonograph cabinet made in Stratford, Ontario Canada.

The doors swing completely around to sit flush to the sides.
It had a copper pipe cut to fit inside the upper part of the cabinet
I've assumed maybe for babies clothes.

Gorgeous little drop pulls

I sprayed it an off white and used a custom blue for the intricate trim.

As seen here above there is an interesting pull out surface,
something I don't believe was an original feature of the cabinet.

The pull is perfect for folding towels, before storing them away.


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  1. It's gorgeous- I love the colors!!! So many possible ways to use it- I think I'm becoming a furniture-a-holic.

  2. Beautiful, I'd hate to see it leave too!

  3. It is so beautiful! I love the colors you used, so delicate!

    Leanne @ Because (I think) I Can

  4. fab the romantic colours! great looking interior!

  5. Wow is this gorgeous. I would love something like this in one of my bathrooms too! Also, the little soap holder you show in one of your pics, did you do that too?? Lucky someone will be taking this home soon no doubt!

  6. This piece is so pretty! I love the colors. Pinning it to my painted furniture board.

  7. This for me would be a keeper. Love it! Dee

  8. Love the colors, and the finish. Nicely done.

  9. I have a very similiar cabinet and was told it was an antique wet bar. It also has a pull out that was to mix the drinks on. I love what you have done with this one. Makes me want to spruce mine up a bit.



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