WATERFALL HIGHBOY - beach themed

I usually start by looking at a piece of furniture and determine whether it is masculine or feminine and start working in that direction. Most if not all waterfall highboy dresser are hands down masculine and great to refinish for boys rooms. This time however I really liked some of the soft beachy themed, more feminine ones pinned on-line so I jumped in!
The before pic of this dresser (very masculine) must have gotten washed out to sea while I was painting it cause I just can't find it for you.
Many tall dressers look really good with numbered drawers and my preference has always been to have 2 knobs per drawer on tall dressers rather than handles. The look is sleek and modern.
Originally it did have handles that I ended up replacing with glass knobs.
That meant filling in 20 holes.
I have written a tutorial on filling holes here:

The drawers are painted a very soft turquoise, a custom ASCP mix. Sorry I can't offer a recipe as I have tons of pots with different blue and turquoise concoctions I have mixed stacked on the counter.
It doesn't make for an efficient cooking area.
NOTE: when you want to mix a pale color start with a white base and add small amounts of color to it mixing as you go. Inside your mixing container there isn't much light so to see the true color so be sure to pull the paint out of as you are mixing to get a better idea of how its coming along.
The numbers are stenciled with ASCP Graphite and the body is finished in ASCP Pure White.

I have a Pinterest folder devoted exclusively to waterfall highboy dressers: 
There are a few there that are totally amazing, check it out.


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When I have a piece of furniture that is slightly tippy because one leg is too short
I reach for a washer. Whether it's a tippy chair, a wobbly nightstand, or a crooked console

I put a washer or two under the nylon slider. Nylon slider feet are very common on furniture these
 days and also available to buy at your hardware store. They slide on most surfaces and hammer or
 screw into the bottom of your wood furniture leg. I know a lot of ppl have those round felt pads
 sitting in the junk drawer to do this job but let me tell ya those things get so dirty and stinky sliding
 around cleaning your floors that I get grossed out when I encounter them on second hand furniture. I
 wish I had a picture to show you really how bad they get. I'm sure you never thought of the
 accidental juice spilled or the puppy pee that would be absorbed by them when putting them on your
 furniture. Now that I know I will always choose the nylon slider, and a washer to stop the tipping.


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Besides the 12 days of fog, the weather has been nice enough here that I have been able to
spray paint some things out side. As well my friend calls just to let me know how
upset he is that it's warmer in Western Canada than at his home in Central Florida.
Here's hoping spring comes to everyone a bit sooner than expected.

This is a pair of nightstands I finished thanks in part to the nice weather.
They are quite large like the ones below.

They are painted in 50 -50 mix of ASCP Old & Pure White.


I used a set of antique tin swing handles that have been sitting around in the Etsy shop. I really
adore antique handles and was surprise these were still available, so I liberated them.
The back plates are thin and the detailed shape is pressed into the metal. I love the look!

To create these I took a plain set of pine nightstands and attached coffee table legs to them.
If you want to learn more about how I do this check out this article I wrote:

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Many antique dressers have some damage to the drawers. This dresser was no different.
If there is too much weight in a drawer the bottom will push down and if your dresser has
metal drawer stops they will start to dig a groove into the wood.

The groove can get very deep, even go right through making a nice big hole in your drawer bottom.
To fix the problem move the metal drawer stop. You can pull it out with a pair of
pliers and use a hammer to re-install it. The bottom is a point that hammers into the wood.
If you don't have any drawers stops and you are looking replace them check out this article:

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HOW TO PAINT A SHABBY CHIC WHITE DRESSER - annie sloan chalk paint

I like painting furniture in 
shabby chic whites and I like
creating silky smooth finishes.
Let me share six tips on how I
do this while using a paint brush.

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Here is a great use for one of those old hinges we all have in the junk drawer
or filling up a jar on the garage shelf.

REPLACED HINGE                               ORIGINAL MECHANISM
This mirror's left pivoting mechanism was twisted and broken off making the mirror unusable.
While the owner is looking for a replacement part an old hinge will keep the mirror in place.
The hinge can be used vertically or horizontally but the mirror will not be able to pivot.

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PRIMITIVE CLOSET - fixing up an armoire

I hurt my shoulder a while
back but as it starts to heal
I start to get anxious wanting
to move around and create or
fix something.

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When I moved my bed onto an open wall I knew I had to find a great focal point for above that I was
going to love. Little did I know so many others were going to like it too and ask so many questions
 about it.
I have a few windows hiding around the house tucked here and there, that I use for photo shoots.
When I saw the size of the space over the bed matched the size of one of my staging windows I was a
 little reluctant to trying it above the bed because if it worked that would be the end of it's modelling
career, so I thought.
Just to clarify, and contrary to the title of this post the window I used isn't actually the headboard but
 it hangs above my existing bed frame. I'm not sure how it would work if you had your
 pillows leaning up against the glass panes if it was hung lower.
My bed is a queen measuring 60" wide and my window also measures 60" wide. To hang it securely
 so I could sleep soundly every night knowing it would not crash down on me I located 2 studs in the
wall and marked them. I then held the window in place and marked where the studs would meet the
 window. I screwed picture "D" hangers on the back of the window and drove screws into the wall
 studs to hang the "D" hangers on. It hasn't moved once since it was installed.
Most of the wood is bare but it has some great chippy white paint on it that you don't get to see
 very well in photos. It also has a rusty handle locking thing at the middle of the top that I can hang
things from through out the year.

If you can't find a long window to match your bed width consider 2, 3, or 4 smaller
windows that can be hung in a grouping.

My headboard has changed since I first hung the window but you don't even notice
because the window is the star of the show.

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SMALL CHANGES in the dressing room

My work load has been slim the last week because for no good reason I pulled a muscle in the back
 of my shoulder. Don't worry I'm resting and taking it easy but I can't go into the back room and
 create so I'm puttering around the house walking stiff like a penguin. I have watched a few good
 movies and read some great blog articles. I even managed to slow down long enough to photograph
 some changes in the dressing room. I got in on the retailers storage sales and purchased three lined
 white baskets for above the window. They are perfect for storing some off season clothing.
The lining is so cute, a milk chocolate floral on a sandy back drop with long enough ties
to make bows on both ends.
I also changed my vanity mirror to this standing mirror I got last year from
It was a "rediscovered" find and originally gold but it quickly was painted when I got it home.
I love the carved wood ribbon all the way around the frame.
You get to see my Fujifilm Finepix F500 EXR camera in this pic, I use it when lighting is bad.
A lot of the time you'll find me shooting photos with my cell phone camera.
Here is what this room looked like right after moving in. That is actually a little vintage
loveseat that pulls out into a bed holding up all those clothes.

And the AFTER ...

You can find the full home tour with lots of pics here:


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Two little drawered units were lovingly donation just before the holidays.
Thank you again to the Donator!

"See the side panel on this one ..."

This use to be a 1930's dressing vanity that was divided into two.

I was able to add some costly additions such as these tall hardwood legs originally found on an old 
living room side table, and 4 little antique swing handles. They mount with tiny screws through the
 front. In this case I predrilled first because there is never room for error when installing tiny antique 
brass flat head screws.

It seems like there a thousands of these stepped topped art deco vanity desks out there.
It also seems like there are even less people who like them, me included.
I started a PINTEREST page devoted to finding great looking up cycled 1930's vanities
so some of them can be saved.

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When we de-clutter the things we really love get center stage!

January always brings new energy to me to re-invent and offer some changes around the house. This
is also the time of year that we are all trying to de-clutter as we put our Christmas decorations away.

 I need to be efficient and storing my junk better is important. If you have been out shopping you
 have seen the selection of baskets and storage boxes has multiplied and many are on sale. I might
have even got sucked in and bought some new ones for the white room. No photos yet but if you need
a refresher of the white room or you have never seen it before check here:
If you can add to the efficiency of your own home by re-organizing and de-cluttering
with new storage option this is the time to get er done.

Speaking of storage and de-cluttering, this cute nightstand offers lots of bedside storage with 3 drawers.

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