Here in the north west the preference for painted furniture is a smooth finish. To get an amazing
soft and smooth finish with ASCP I use my paint sprayer but ASCP is used by many who want a
smooth finish but only have a brush. I answer countless questions on-line and in person about getting
 a smooth finish with a brush and thought I would write an article for the rest of you wanting some tips.
These tips are best used in creating a shabby chic finish with light distressing.
Start with a clean soft, medium to high quality paint brush.
A dirty brush or a cheap brush will work against you.
Brush your paint in one direction, usually with the grain of the wood.
Do not linger while you are painting, be quick with your strokes and move along.

Each coat should be brushed in the same direction.
SANDED                                        NOT SANDED
Use a 220 grit sand paper to smooth the surface.
Sand in the same direction as your brush strokes.
NOTE: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint sands very easily.
Continue smoothing with your sand paper and do a little extra around details. The final step to ASCP
is waxing. When your surface is smoothed like this, waxing becomes even easier.
For the hardware on these drawers I used wet distressing just on the pulls.
Check out this link to learn more about distressing with water:


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  1. i love love love this project and vignette. just my cup of tea! visiting via MMS and hope you'll visit me back:



  2. This looks amazing! I actually just bought a dresser very similar to this and was debating whether to paint it or not and this has definitely left me wanting to make mine "shabby"!:)

  3. This project is very lovely.


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