As my shoulder starts to feel stronger I have started to work on some bigger projects. I've been
 picking pieces to work on that don't take too much muscle, or building. More along the lines
 of some clever ideas and some painting.
This closet needed a new floor, some minor repairs, and bit of a punch.

The original color of the cabinet is a creamy mocha. I gave it a good sanding and distressed the
 edges. I white washed the doors and sanded them smooth before waxing. The fleur de lis were
stenciled with dark wax. That was a spur of the moment experiment and it worked. I also dark
waxed the inside edge of the raised panel on the doors.

I sat cross legged on the floor in front of the closet marking all the cuts needed for the new white
 tongue and groove floor boards. Then I would take the boards outside and cut them with the jigsaw.
You start at one side and work your way across. I enjoy the process of making things fit and work.

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  1. This really turned out beautifully!

  2. I always admire what you are able to do with wood! There seems to be no end to your all you do!