PRIMITIVE CLOSET - fixing up an armoire

I hurt my shoulder a while
back but as it starts to heal
I start to get anxious wanting
to move around and create or
fix something.

I focused on a simple closet I had that need a lift in style,
as well as a NEW FLOOR. I came up with some clever
ideas using paint and wax.

BEFORE                                 AFTER

The original color was a creamy mocha. I gave it a good
sanding and distressed the edges. I white washed the doors
 and sanded them smooth before waxing. Using dark wax, 
 highlighted the inside edge of the raised panel on the doors. The fleur de lis designs were stenciled with dark wax. That was a spur of the moment experiment and it worked. To
see how I made the stencil click here:

Here is a look at the new floor I installed.

I sat cross legged on the floor in front of the closet marking
all the cuts needed for the new white tongue and groove floor
boards. Then I would take the boards outside and cut them
 with the jigsaw. I started at one side and worked my way 
across. I enjoy the process of making things fit and work.


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