DE-CLUTTERING AND A BEDSIDE CABINET - 3 drawer white nightstand

When we get down to the business of declutter our homes or life, the things we really love get put center stage!
January always brings new energy to me to re-invent and
offer some changes around the house. This is also the time of
year that we are all trying to declutter as we put our
Christmas decorations away.  I need to be efficient and
storing my junk better is important. If you have been out
shopping you have seen the selection of baskets and storage
boxes has multiplied and many are on sale. I might have even
got sucked in and bought some new ones for the white room.
No photos yet but if you need a refresher of the white room or
you have never seen it before check here:
If you can add to the efficiency of your own home by re-
organizing and decluttering with new storage option this is
the time to get er done.

Speaking of storage and de-cluttering, Once the drawers were
 cleaned out I lined all three of them with a pre-pasted wall
 paper. I adore nightstands with lots of drawers. This one
 offers lots of storage now that it is all cleaned out and ready to use again.

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