Two little drawered units were lovingly donation just before the holidays.
Thank you again to the Donator!

"See the side panel on this one ..."

This use to be a 1930's dressing vanity that was divided into two.

I was able to add some costly additions such as these tall hardwood legs originally found on an old 
living room side table, and 4 little antique swing handles. They mount with tiny screws through the
 front. In this case I predrilled first because there is never room for error when installing tiny antique 
brass flat head screws.

It seems like there a thousands of these stepped topped art deco vanity desks out there.
It also seems like there are even less people who like them, me included.
I started a PINTEREST page devoted to finding great looking up cycled 1930's vanities
so some of them can be saved.

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  1. Oh I love it. I used to have a side table like that - was given to me by my next door neighbor when I was about 12. It was already old and vintage and I believe it is what started me on my passion for antiques and anything old. I had it with me for years and then, I sold it at a garage sale. We were moving and I guess I just got ruthless.

    I want to shabby chic my whole house, but I live with males....I don't think they will like it. So I want to partically shabby chic it, here and there- mix it with industrial chic.

    Anyway, love your blog and was just out visiting and promoting my newest blog http://www.shopfrommyhouse.com/

    Take care and have a great evening.

  2. Anonymous09 January

    It's true - I don't care for this style either! But part of what stumps me about this style is that the decorative details tend to be in the pattern of wood grain, rather than scrolling shape or carvings. I really get hung up on this when I try to think of "what to do with this piece?"

    The pinterest page is a GREAT idea, and I anticipate the un-blocking of creativity when it comes to redoing early 20th century design!

  3. Anonymous17 January

    hopping over from MMS, love what you did here. I am adding this to my list of possible projects - whenever I see a 30s vanity I keep on walking - not anymore!




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