When I have a piece of furniture that is slightly tippy because one leg is too short
I reach for a washer. Whether it's a tippy chair, a wobbly nightstand, or a crooked console

I put a washer or two under the nylon slider. Nylon slider feet are very common on furniture these
 days and also available to buy at your hardware store. They slide on most surfaces and hammer or
 screw into the bottom of your wood furniture leg. I know a lot of ppl have those round felt pads
 sitting in the junk drawer to do this job but let me tell ya those things get so dirty and stinky sliding
 around cleaning your floors that I get grossed out when I encounter them on second hand furniture. I
 wish I had a picture to show you really how bad they get. I'm sure you never thought of the
 accidental juice spilled or the puppy pee that would be absorbed by them when putting them on your
 furniture. Now that I know I will always choose the nylon slider, and a washer to stop the tipping.


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