WATERFALL HIGHBOY - beach themed

I usually start by looking at a piece of furniture and determine whether it is masculine or feminine and start working in that direction. Most if not all waterfall highboy dresser are hands down masculine and great to refinish for boys rooms. This time however I really liked some of the soft beachy themed, more feminine ones pinned on-line so I jumped in!
The before pic of this dresser (very masculine) must have gotten washed out to sea while I was painting it cause I just can't find it for you.
Many tall dressers look really good with numbered drawers and my preference has always been to have 2 knobs per drawer on tall dressers rather than handles. The look is sleek and modern.
Originally it did have handles that I ended up replacing with glass knobs.
That meant filling in 20 holes.
I have written a tutorial on filling holes here:

The drawers are painted a very soft turquoise, a custom ASCP mix. Sorry I can't offer a recipe as I have tons of pots with different blue and turquoise concoctions I have mixed stacked on the counter.
It doesn't make for an efficient cooking area.
NOTE: when you want to mix a pale color start with a white base and add small amounts of color to it mixing as you go. Inside your mixing container there isn't much light so to see the true color so be sure to pull the paint out of as you are mixing to get a better idea of how its coming along.
The numbers are stenciled with ASCP Graphite and the body is finished in ASCP Pure White.

I have a Pinterest folder devoted exclusively to waterfall highboy dressers: 
There are a few there that are totally amazing, check it out.


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  1. This turned out beautiful! Love the color and the numbered drawers! Those little knobs are cute too! Love it:)

  2. Love how it turned out! I really like the numbered drawers.

  3. Me gusta el color elegido y el resultado. Saludos.




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