SMALL CHANGES in the dressing room

My work load has been slim the last week because for no good reason I pulled a muscle in the back
 of my shoulder. Don't worry I'm resting and taking it easy but I can't go into the back room and
 create so I'm puttering around the house walking stiff like a penguin. I have watched a few good
 movies and read some great blog articles. I even managed to slow down long enough to photograph
 some changes in the dressing room. I got in on the retailers storage sales and purchased three lined
 white baskets for above the window. They are perfect for storing some off season clothing.
The lining is so cute, a milk chocolate floral on a sandy back drop with long enough ties
to make bows on both ends.
I also changed my vanity mirror to this standing mirror I got last year from
It was a "rediscovered" find and originally gold but it quickly was painted when I got it home.
I love the carved wood ribbon all the way around the frame.
You get to see my Fujifilm Finepix F500 EXR camera in this pic, I use it when lighting is bad.
A lot of the time you'll find me shooting photos with my cell phone camera.
Here is what this room looked like right after moving in. That is actually a little vintage
loveseat that pulls out into a bed holding up all those clothes.

And the AFTER ...

You can find the full home tour with lots of pics here:


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