Besides the 12 days of fog, the weather has been nice enough here that I have been able to
spray paint some things out side. As well my friend calls just to let me know how
upset he is that it's warmer in Western Canada than at his home in Central Florida.
Here's hoping spring comes to everyone a bit sooner than expected.

This is a pair of nightstands I finished thanks in part to the nice weather.
They are quite large like the ones below.

They are painted in 50 -50 mix of ASCP Old & Pure White.


I used a set of antique tin swing handles that have been sitting around in the Etsy shop. I really
adore antique handles and was surprise these were still available, so I liberated them.
The back plates are thin and the detailed shape is pressed into the metal. I love the look!

To create these I took a plain set of pine nightstands and attached coffee table legs to them.
If you want to learn more about how I do this check out this article I wrote:

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