FRENCH ARMOIRE - painting and distressing

It's not a classic French Armoire but it's heavy like one. I'm over joyed to start the new year with something so grand and beautiful but I didn't plan it that way.

I painted it in ASCP Old White then a second layer done in a pale turquoise mixed from ASCP Florence.
The third layer was a wash of ASCP Old White. All the distressing is done with a sponge.

Wet distressing tutorial:

The interior just didn't look right when I opened the pretty doors to see a dark hole so I put her on a  dolly and wheeled her out onto the top step and carefully sprayed her when the sun was out on the first day of the year.

BEFORE                 AFTER

 Here you can see the classic dark finish from the good ole 70's


I really enjoy distressing features like these to show them off.

There is lots of storage inside and extra room on top for baskets or display.

vintage switch plates
 vintage hardware

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