When I moved my bed onto an open wall I knew I had to find a great focal point for above that I was
going to love. Little did I know so many others were going to like it too and ask so many questions
 about it.
I have a few windows hiding around the house tucked here and there, that I use for photo shoots.
When I saw the size of the space over the bed matched the size of one of my staging windows I was a
 little reluctant to trying it above the bed because if it worked that would be the end of it's modelling
career, so I thought.
Just to clarify, and contrary to the title of this post the window I used isn't actually the headboard but
 it hangs above my existing bed frame. I'm not sure how it would work if you had your
 pillows leaning up against the glass panes if it was hung lower.
My bed is a queen measuring 60" wide and my window also measures 60" wide. To hang it securely
 so I could sleep soundly every night knowing it would not crash down on me I located 2 studs in the
wall and marked them. I then held the window in place and marked where the studs would meet the
 window. I screwed picture "D" hangers on the back of the window and drove screws into the wall
 studs to hang the "D" hangers on. It hasn't moved once since it was installed.
Most of the wood is bare but it has some great chippy white paint on it that you don't get to see
 very well in photos. It also has a rusty handle locking thing at the middle of the top that I can hang
things from through out the year.

If you can't find a long window to match your bed width consider 2, 3, or 4 smaller
windows that can be hung in a grouping.

My headboard has changed since I first hung the window but you don't even notice
because the window is the star of the show.

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