HIGH PRIORITY - chandelier lamp

I finish furniture like bunnies have babies, it's just what I enjoy doing.

Unfortunately that leaves other things I collect sitting around being moved from place to place,
waiting for my attention.

One such project is a couple of vintage chandelier lamps I bought 9 months ago,
they are not a matched set but both are very elegant on their own.

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TRUE VINTAGE FINDS IN LANGLEY - shopping the passionate home

I stopped into the Passionate Home this weekend and while I was there
Carrie shared with me some of the exciting finds her pickers have brought in.
Everything from a metal garden stand in it's original distressed paint to a mouthwatering
vintage chandelier my heart beats faster for.

large reproduction clock approx 3ft sq

Did you realize The Passionate Home is an excellent source for true vintage items
sourced from all over our area?

vintage house window with shelving, hooks, and herbs sign

Did you also realize you can tell Carrie what you are looking for
and she will do her best to keep an eye out for it?

See that white architectural bit to the left of the green cabinet ...
it came home with me.

as found distressed green kitchen prep cabinet
vintage ROYAL typewriter

I know there's a ton of you out there wanting your own fancy wall frames.
This one just came in so get over to the store and grab it, it's not the only one they have.

Of course The Passionate Home has wonderful new items as well.

All the perfect beachy items if you want a seaside theme.

Wonderful spring items including ceramic birds, and framed nests.

Paris storage boxes and large shabby chic candle holders. 

These black damask lamps are just a sample of the lighting they offer.
Also a wonderful piece of furniture available is this buttery tall boy paint by Elinor.

The store is regularly open 7 days a week until 5pm each day but

tomorrow night Tuesday May 29 from 5pm to 9pm
The Passionate Home is having an Evening of Shopping.
It's a bit of a party with presentations and gift bags to the first 20
as well 10% of sales going to charity.

I'll be there!!!
and just to clarify I do NOT work for THE PASSIONATE HOME,
and the only compensation I get is the smiles and friendships of the ladies who run this store.

The Passionate Home
20506 Fraser Hwy
Langley BC
604 532 5931

I see a little home sweet nest tag on these pretty vintage wood hangers.
That means these are hand painted and embellished by ELISA.

George has MANopolized all the closet space is this house but maybe
some painted pink hangers might get me some.
Thanks Elisa I'll send him your way when he starts to ask what's going on here

And the last thing I want to impart upon you is when you are in the store you never quite see everything.  Can you see that Fleur de lis bottle stopper laying in the left side of the bowl.
I didn't and I was take the picture.

Take your time you may find the smallest of treasures.

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THE GREY GHOST - deilcraft dresser

The feel of this dresser is definitely shabby chic wonderful,
and is super smooth to the touch with the finish I have applied.

It has tonnes of carved detailing every where.

The base is a soft grey and the top coat is old white.
Mixed, blended, sanded, washed, and waxed to make this beautiful look.

You can find a side by side before and after pic here.

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It's about "TIME"
I changed my header pictures, so last night before bed I re-arranged, cropped,
edited, and stitched a new set of pictures for you all to be welcomed with.

 Let me know what you think !

and It's about "TIME"
I got back to finishing furniture and stop re-arranging rooms,
for now anyway!

Taking pictures of painted furniture and sharing them on-line
never truely conveys the color of a piece.
This Kroehler dresser is a bright full bodied TURQUOISE,
and gorgeous with the dark wood showing through.

It's definetly one that has to be seen in person to fully appreciate.
This chippy look was achieved by spraying MILK paint on the drawers then spraying
AS CHALK paint and watching the MILK paint layer chip off as it does so well on it's own,
taking the CHALK paint with it.

I snuck some vintage knobs from the Etsy shop to finish her off.

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YOU'VE COME ALONG WAY BABY - dressing room reveal

Our little dressing room has grown and matured so much in a few short years.
This room serves all our clothing needs including laundry folding, ironing, and every day dressing.
 Here she is as a youngster.

And now she has graduated, making both of us very proud.

This is the area that we needed the most, a place to put clean laundry and fold it.
I saw this frame available at the auction I knew I wanted it and knew it would be painted.
The Whitehall Laundry sign is an actual a fabric laundry "BAG".
I purchased the bag from a lady that deals in estates and furniture.

One of the many signs hanging on the walls is also covering the fuse box.
The curtain tie backs & scrolled metal shelf brackets are second hand buys.
The shelf is cut from 2 pine bed rails and is extra deep.

This thick vanity surface was stolen from a large midcentury desk I tore down for parts. We found
this drawers and pull out on the side of the road. I customized and installed them under the surface.

This solid brass urn had a wonderful patina in dark reds and browns when I first got it.
It was handmade in India, sorry India, I had to paint it.

The stacked dresser are perfect in this corner.
Details about their transformation can be found here.

I painted these baskets white using my sprayer.

New baskets whether white or brown are priced very close so think before you buy.
Because spray painting old brown baskets takes a lot of paint and time which will translate
into a good deal of money but it is an option to recycle them.

One problem I still have with the room is an ironing board.

I wanted to get one in a cabinet that hangs on the wall then hinge this full length mirror to it.
Mom and Dad had one in their house and it was great,
but the cost of these wonderful things is high
so I will make due for now until I can find one or figure out how to build one.
 More pictures can be seen at OUR HOME TOUR,
I have also added some pictures on the BEFORE AND AFTER page

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A GLIMPSE INSIDE - sneak peaks

On Mother's Day I shared some of Joanne's home and teased you with
the thought that I might share more,
Today's the day you get another glimpse into her wonderful decor.

Also I am currently working on 2 large Canadian made dressers.

The first one is coming along in a distressed turquoise

and the other has these amazing details.

And finally a sneak peak into our re-arranged and re-decorated dressing room.

I will get you more pictures of everything going on around here soon.

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