WHITE SEWING MACHINE - repurposed treadle sewing cabinet

The Kentucky Derby was on while I
was working on this pile of bits and 
pieces from an old sewing machine
table ...

 ... and George was screaming at the TV.
He's been excited about a local jockey and the Canadian owned horse running the Derby,
and sure enough they won!
All while I was painstakingly trying to rebuild this treadle sewing cabinet.

I'd been looking for some examples of re purposed treadle cabinets on-line
but to my dismay there were very few to be found.

I knew I wanted to paint the metal base in white but what to do to the rest of it ...

The repairs needed were very extensive and frustrating with all the fragile pieces
that had to be fastened back together.

I eventually got it resembling it's former self with a few replacement parts.
I maintained the pedal and wheel so if used as a desk,
you can keep your feet amused and occupied.

I lined the drawers in a white wallpaper.

and a french graphic to the top from the graphics fairy.

graphic available here

There is no sewing machine in it anymore and the top doesn't open.

I've re purposed it into a table to be used as an entry piece, a desk, or even a sofa table.

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