BEHIND THE SCENES - making of a hall tree

Everyone who took a guess yesterday was right on or very close.
Well Done!


The hooks installed on the hall tree I just finished came from
this huge road side chandelier.

My daughter got schooled really quickly how to get the van turned around
when mommy sees junk she wants.

 Here are some more behind the scene photos ...

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As promised 

Here are some of the bits and pieces
used to build this fabulous hall tree.




Can you figure out
the 4 parts that make up this section of the hall tree?
Take a guess then scroll to the bottom for the answers.

How about these fancy hooks, any ideas what they use to be?

If you have a guess leave it in the comments below
and I'll reveal the answer tomorrow.

I bet some of the answers will be thought provoking
and maybe inspire other great ideas.

More pics can be found here.

Now for the answers to the first question ...

How did you do?

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FOYER FURNITURE - entry unit

Over the last week I have been building a piece of furniture meant to use in a foyer.
I thought I would look up the official definition of FOYER for you and share it:

A foyer in a house is usually a small entry area or room by the front door. Other public rooms such as the living room, dining room, and family room typically attach to it, along with any main stairway. It was initially intended as an "airlock", separating the fireplace-heated rooms from the (colder, in winter) front entrance, where cold air infiltration made for cold drafts and low temperatures. It is commonly used for outer garment and umbrella storage for both residents and guests.

The piece I built meets these needs perfectly and I'm eager to share it with you.

It has fancy hooks, knobs, and posts to hang your items from.

It has hidden storage and open shelves.

It also has a great mirror and big surface for catching your shopping bags
or displaying things you love, like those flowers being given to you in mid February.

HERE you can see some of the parts that made this piece come together.

Also if you're interested in an interview I recently did pop on over to:

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CABINET REDO - updating

This is a newer updated look for a cabinet I had
already made over once. She has been changed
into a nursery piece rather than a kitchen storage.

Check out the before and after photos below ...

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THIS LITTLE PINKY - pink chandelier

I've been able to get a few projects underway around here just for us.
70% of our Christmas decorations put away, only because I'm doing a full re-organizing of them all.
We've had our first big snow fall Saturday, more on Monday and still more forecasted this week.
Not typical for a Vancouver winter.

I did take advantage of the pristine white snow when photographing this daring
chandelier I just finished.

Just last week it was warm enough to spray paint outside and have it dry in 10 minutes.

I only do chandeliers every now and then because they
 can take countless hours of painting and embellishing.

Someone did try to DIY this one before I got it but they must have lost steam.

I used a soft pretty pink spray paint from Krylon.
The 5 light arms are lined with several meters of garland beads secured with nylon line.
I added the metal crown feature at the top stolen from my electrical parts department.
** Parts Department = Rubbermaid bin sitting on the shelf **

The hanging beads and flower embellishments I used on this chandelier
were all purchased at Michaels for a pretty penny.
But I had a goal and I'm extremely pleased with the finished look.

The flowers are a translucent acrylic material.
Hand made in Thailand, each petal is stitched around a center crystal.
They are extremely cool.

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