BEHIND THE SCENES - making of a hall tree

Everyone who took a guess yesterday was right on or very close.
Well Done!


The hooks installed on the hall tree I just finished came from
this huge road side chandelier.

My daughter got schooled really quickly how to get the van turned around
when mommy sees junk she wants.

 Here are some more behind the scene photos ...

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  1. I picked the identical chandelier out of the free box at a garage sale, but it was used for Halloween. Now, I'll be picking from my own house to turn it into hooks!


  2. I am still amazed you put all that unrelated stuff together to make this devine hall tree.

  3. This is my idea of a Redoux. Parts and bits from other projects coming together to make one fabulous new piece. I was so close to guessing the hooks were chandelier arms. It was like on the tip of my brain! You outdid yourself here. Laughing to myself, my kids think it is totally normal to pull junk off the side of the road, and they even keep their eyes out for it when we are running around.

  4. Well done and such a creative use of odds and ends items to create something new and lovely!

    I hope you'll link this up at Knick of Time Tuesday - the party starts this evening!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  5. You are one of my FAVorite blogs!
    #175 at Vintage Revival!

  6. Such a beautiful piece of furniture created from cast-offs. You have an amazing eye for this stuff!


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