NEW BATHROOM, OLD VANITY - lisa's vanity

This Before and After is a little different then you're use to.
It will remind you of how important the finished surroundings
can effect the appeal of your home and your finished project.

AFTER install

BEFORE install

AFTER install

BEFORE install
Just because it doesn't win the beauty pageant in the work shop
doesn't mean it won't be the star attraction once it is part of your home.

My girlfriend and I painted this vintage sideboard in her unfinished basement.
The perfect place to paint but not the perfect surroundings.
We brush painted it with ASCP in Provence, sanded it smooth, and finished it with wax.

We kept the original hardware and preserved the detailed inlays.
Notice the flower vase has a hit of Provence to tie it in.

For some it is hard to see the final vision, but here's proof it can work!

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