VANCOUVER SNOW FALL - winter photographs

 Yesterday I mentioned our big snow fall, well I made sure I got the evidence to show you.

All these photos were taken in our yard.
I was playing with some editing features on the pictures when the big oil truck
arrived to deliver our furnace fuel. Earlier that day I had shoveled the regular pathway to the tank
through the thick snow. Little did I know the only one to benefit from this would be me.
In the form of a good workout.

We ordered the fuel long before the snow was forecast and now I was
worried there would be some trouble getting the truck up the driveway.
George told me not to worry but he was also not going to be home
to deal with the delivery if anything went wrong.

The beginning of our driveway has a quick incline but the driver made it up first try.
Unfortunately he needed to be turned around to access the filler hose.
So he backed down the driveway and turned around on the road to make a second attempt.

He informed me we had to use the shortest route to the tank
due to a shorter filler hose then they normal carry.
This meant stopping the truck in the middle of the incline
and then hoisting the hose up a bank and dragging it through the heavy snow.

The driver stopped the truck and had to set some things up from inside the cab leaving me to freeze on the bank for almost 10 minutes. When he finally got out to open the side to access the hose
the truck started to slide on its own down the driveway as he stood in shock watching.
I was looking down watching this whole process kinda like a movie going wrong.

Now don't worry ...
just then he found his wits and managed to hop back in the cab and get control of the situation.
But now with all the tire treads on the snow it was pretty packed down and slick.
He started from the bottom again.

He finally managed to position the truck tires in the heavier part of the snow.
Working together we dragged the hose up the bank, through the deep snow all the way to the tank
and we got the tank filled. All the while hoping the truck wasn't going to move on it's again.

Guess who arrived home just as we finished getting the hose
back through the snow down the hill to the truck.
"No you didn't miss anything honey"

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