**VOICES IN MY HEAD** - provincial dresser overhaul

Not quite every project I do works out for the best the first time around.
I took a boring flat standard dresser and made it into a funky map drawer chest.
**Oh I'm so excited I would adore a piece like this myself, someone is going to love it**
Getting style, function, and aesthetics right is a daily challenge.
Unfortunately this one confused ppl!
**It would appear if it looks like it has 12 drawers ppl want 12 drawers? ... what's up with that**
**Maybe if I had finished it in a rustic Restoration Hardware wood tone someone might have bought it**
In the mean time someone asked to purchase the handles ...
**sure why not!**
After all I did spend countless hours sitting on the lawn lining every inch
of the drawers with music paper, just so I could sell the handles**
Revamp number 2 ... swap a dozen handles.
**Great ... these don't look right either, am I going crazy?**
Well no worries I stole them from the Etsy shop and what do you know
someone wanted to buy these ones too.
Revamp number 3 ... swap another dozen handles.
**Christmas is coming, new photos have to be taken,
descriptions need to be altered, and I'm getting tired.
Calm down, the hardware looks great photographed on it**
**If it doesn't find a new home over the holidays something drastic is going to happen!**
It is not easy coming up with multiple choices of 12 handles over and over and the dresser
has a very provincial look with the cabriolet legs so I decide to do a complete reface to make
a French Provincial dresser.
** NO!! I don't want to use any of my frenchy handles, they're mine all mine**
I trimmed each drawer so they looked like single drawers and added handles.
**It's a great dresser.**

**It has lovely lined drawers too**

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Here are some of the many treasures I found this past weekend.
I need more furniture like I need another hole in the head!
I've been up cycling standard jewellery boxes but I've been wanted to try my hand
at altering a big beautiful silverware box into a jewellery drawer.
I think this would be handier for us ladies with large collections of bling.
Looks like the time has come and I'll have to find just the right graphic for the top.
While we were out thrifting we had the chance to stop in and visit The Passionate Home.
I decided to walk in with my fabulous blue hydrangeas I had just purchased (second hand).
When Carrie saw the cheap price tag I believe she called me a colorful name @#$%^
That is what it's all about, getting out there and finding amazing deals on things you love.
She had also just spend full price for some store display hydrangeas. Wink!

I often pick up bits and pieces of wood and metal objects to incorporate into
new and unique pillar candle holders. I was able to find a few more pieces to play with.
The starfish dish (made in spain) is for my collection of things I adore.
Now if I can just find the matching one I have stashed around here somewhere.
I spent all Saturday night and early Sunday cleaning, painting, and polishing
some new finds to get some nice photos taken.
Stop in to see the new shabby chic white hardware available at firstfinds.

I'd also like to Welcome all my new subscribers who came over from Facebook yesterday,
(I see Second Chance Furnishings on the list this morning)
and update my current subscribers with what has been going on ... 

Feedburner, the program Google uses to email blog posts to subscribers has been sending out
random posts from the past and at this time there is little I can do to stop it.
Google offers no solution to the many bloggers that this is happening to.
Because of this many are choosing to unsubscribe.
I will always respect your choice to receive and read what you wish and if these repeat emails are
 causing you to consider leaving I wanted you to know what is going on.
You can always check the date the posting came out right at the top under the title.


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HOW TO MAKE A DRESSER 2ft TALLER - cottage country cabinet

I once saw something like this cabinet online and I
knew I wanted to recreate it so it went on the TO DO
list. One night late last year I started to tear several
pieces of furniture apart, 5 days later this is what
I had built.

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This is a mini tip to help your fingers and blood pressure get all the way through
removing old fabric from the wood base of your dining chairs.
Using something to pry the staples with like a flat screw driver
and something to pull with such as pliers, get that fabric ripped from
the wood anyway you see fit. A bonfire is not an option for the upcoming tip to be effective!
You have now pulled 7 hundred and fifty six staple and along the way you have avoided
the tricky stuff like these clumps from a happy staple user of the past.
Sometimes patience isn't enough to deal with every last staple and messy crap so ... 

Pull all the easy ones, anything sticking up but leave the rest ...
then flip your board over and use the clean side.
This side of the wood has not seen the light of day in countless years and is brand new.
Unless you are the princess and the pea no one will feel or see a few staples left behind hiding
under new foam.

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The left side is unfinished chalk paint and the right side has been dark waxed.
This process can be scary but if you take the right steps it's like magic.

I've used Minwax natural (yellow bits) so you can see the wax better during the process.

When applying wax work in small areas.
Apply clear wax to your unfinished chalk paint.
I have used a large deck brush to push in and around the handle.
A brush works best with 3 dimensional details. You can use old paint brushes for this part.

Deck Brush found at Home Depot approx $10 good for large projects but does loose hairs often
This is the important step to understand ...
your clear wax is absorbing into your chalk paint preserving the color and protecting your paint.
It has created a base to which you can apply the dark wax and have it move around much easier.

Remove any excess clear wax and don't worry about buffing.

Wear a rubber glove when using dark wax

Now dig deep, count to 10, hyperventilate if you need to and slather on the dark wax.

Work the wax into the crevises and corners with your brush.
The dark wax is simulating dirt and wear accumulated over decades.

Here is the magic ...

Apply more clear wax and you will see the dark wax start to lift and move around.
Continue using your rag or towel to get the intensity you want.
The trick is the dark wax is sitting on top of the first layer of clear wax.

Use your brush again to smooth around details and start to buff.

 Check out what ended up happening to this cabinet here:

Here is a quick look at some of the new hardware available in the Etsy Shop .

There are 1000's of pieces of up-cycled hardware to choose from at 
firstfinds hardware store




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USING DARK WAX TO AGE A FINISH - royal crest cabinet

I would really like to do this again some day on another piece.

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Okay ladies this one is for you.
A common issues with old drawers is broken bottoms and stains in the wood.
I'm going to show you how to fix both issues with one repair.
We need to fill in this gap with a new piece of wood but the break part doesn't have a straight edge,
this makes things a bit difficult. 
But wait ... we do have a straight edge at the front of the drawer. 
Most drawers even modern ones are built with the bottoms slid into place in a groove.
Slide your broken board completely out of the groove, some nails may have to be removed. 
 This next step is probably the hardest part of the job,
you need to find a new piece of wood that is the same thickness as your existing bottom.
You could always replace the whole bottom by taking a trip to your local lumber store with
measurements in hand and get them to do the work for you.
 I'm showing you how to use what you have and just fill in the gap.
The wood I found and used is a 1/4" thick scrap of plywood.
Cut the length of the new board to fit into the grove and slide it into place.
You can use a hand saw, a jigsaw, a circular saw, or even a pretty please husband!!
Remember that stain in your drawer ....
 Take your stained drawer bottom and flip it over and slide it in to the grove.
Your stain is now on the bottom and your gap is gone.
Add a few nails at the back of the drawer to hold your bottom in place.
There you go ... a functional clean drawer that hopefully cost you nothing but a bit of digging
through your shed or garage.

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