SOFA TABLE FROM A SEWING TABLE - parts used to build


I built this sofa table starting with a sewing machine cabinet I purchased at a thrift store.
The finish was in fair shape but many of the moving wood parts didn't work properly anymore,
and the machine wouldn't lift out of the cabinet to use.

The legs are what really caught my attention from across the store.

Once I started to work on removing the machine I found a makers mark on the cabinet.

Made In Yugoslavia ... The machine is a Piedmont from the Hudson's Bay Company.

Anyone need parts for their Piedmont?

I was able to take the whole cabinet apart to start rebuilding a longer table.
I used a kick board for the front, and aged, stained, and waxed some new wood for the top.

Here's a close up of the finish I created with dark wax on the new top.

The original legs were re purposed and parts from inside to rebuild the new console table.

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  1. Wow, great job on that. I have thought of rebuilding my desk, but taking it all apart never occurred to me.

  2. That is fantastic, not only is it beautiful, but a fabulous reconstruction!

  3. As usual I am amazed by your creativity. Love the shape of your new table.

  4. your work is so fabulous. I'm in awe of your creativity.

  5. Wow - you are amazing. What a gorgeous new sofa table you have created.

  6. Fabulous!! I love Sewing Machine table makeovers. I have been holding onto a twin foot/headboard. This gives me some great ideas! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  7. Wow what a beautiful re-do, you did a great job.

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  9. I'm freaking out about the machine! It's a mechanical. All metal and rugged and belt driven. And amazing job on the table!!!