The left side is unfinished chalk paint and the right side has been dark waxed.
This process can be scary but if you take the right steps it's like magic.

I've used Minwax natural (yellow bits) so you can see the wax better during the process.

When applying wax work in small areas.
Apply clear wax to your unfinished chalk paint.
I have used a large deck brush to push in and around the handle.
A brush works best with 3 dimensional details. You can use old paint brushes for this part.

Deck Brush found at Home Depot approx $10 good for large projects but does loose hairs often
This is the important step to understand ...
your clear wax is absorbing into your chalk paint preserving the color and protecting your paint.
It has created a base to which you can apply the dark wax and have it move around much easier.

Remove any excess clear wax and don't worry about buffing.

Wear a rubber glove when using dark wax

Now dig deep, count to 10, hyperventilate if you need to and slather on the dark wax.

Work the wax into the crevises and corners with your brush.
The dark wax is simulating dirt and wear accumulated over decades.

Here is the magic ...

Apply more clear wax and you will see the dark wax start to lift and move around.
Continue using your rag or towel to get the intensity you want.
The trick is the dark wax is sitting on top of the first layer of clear wax.

Use your brush again to smooth around details and start to buff.

 Check out what ended up happening to this cabinet here:

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