Okay ladies this one is for you.
A common issues with old drawers is broken bottoms and stains in the wood.
I'm going to show you how to fix both issues with one repair.
We need to fill in this gap with a new piece of wood but the break part doesn't have a straight edge,
this makes things a bit difficult. 
But wait ... we do have a straight edge at the front of the drawer. 
Most drawers even modern ones are built with the bottoms slid into place in a groove.
Slide your broken board completely out of the groove, some nails may have to be removed. 
 This next step is probably the hardest part of the job,
you need to find a new piece of wood that is the same thickness as your existing bottom.
You could always replace the whole bottom by taking a trip to your local lumber store with
measurements in hand and get them to do the work for you.
 I'm showing you how to use what you have and just fill in the gap.
The wood I found and used is a 1/4" thick scrap of plywood.
Cut the length of the new board to fit into the grove and slide it into place.
You can use a hand saw, a jigsaw, a circular saw, or even a pretty please husband!!
Remember that stain in your drawer ....
 Take your stained drawer bottom and flip it over and slide it in to the grove.
Your stain is now on the bottom and your gap is gone.
Add a few nails at the back of the drawer to hold your bottom in place.
There you go ... a functional clean drawer that hopefully cost you nothing but a bit of digging
through your shed or garage.

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