HOW TO MAKE A DRESSER 2ft TALLER - cottage country cabinet

I once saw something like this cabinet online and I
knew I wanted to recreate it so it went on the TO DO
list. One night late last year I started to tear several
pieces of furniture apart, 5 days later this is what
I had built.


It has a wonderful blend of cottage styling with country charm,
and no one else on the block has one just like it!

It is finished in ASCP Pure White with lots of lightly distressed detailing over a dark brown stained pine.

It started as a seven drawer pine dresser.
I used a set of turned legs from a country kitchen table to lift it up.
Yes, you read that right I picked up a dresser and put it on a kitchen table ... so to speak.

Reclaiming at it's best ....
I used 20 drawer sides to build the interior shelves
and 8 drawer fronts for the top of the cabinet.
Save your drawers ladies, it's free lumber!

I trimmed each opening (where the drawers use to be) with molding
The original top from the dresser is now the bottom shelf.
It is nice thick pine making the base super strong and sturdy.
I finished it off with a nice waxing with ASCP clear wax and buffed a nice shine to
the flat smooth surfaces.


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  1. That turned out really great. You are so smart!

  2. That is such a nice piece-job well done! (and your right about checking out the pottery pieces-lol)

  3. Love it! I do have a stash of drawers in my "Inspiration Pile" :)

  4. Wow, you have way too much talent to come up with an idea to combine all of that to come up with something so great and totally different! I love the big mixing bowl, I brought one back from England 3,000 miles and less than a year later my husband dropped it when it was full of pasta salad and that was the end of it. I still miss it (the bowl, not the pasta salad).

  5. I really like how you are so creative with your furniture. You don't just paint, you deconstruct, rebuild and end up with something totally different. It's great!

  6. I LOVE it!!! You really did an amazing job with this transformation, truly inspirational!!! :)

  7. Wow, how creative! Never would have thought to do that.

  8. Hold it for me! I will be right up the coast soon. You have outdone yourself again! I have a dresser right now I could do that trick with. I love it!

    Now you can make that trailer bigger, add some legs, some drawer sides, some scrap thingies you found on the side of the road, turn it upside down and there you go, a new room!

  9. Great transformation. I can see why you would want to keep it!

  10. Whaaaaat???? Are you serious?! You turned a TABLE upside down!?!? That is so brilliant - but how on earth does it stay in place?!?! I love it! I was trying to think how I could make taller this piece I want to redo (with my unhandy self) and came across this when I googled. Wow. Great idea.



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