This is a mini tip to help your fingers and blood pressure get all the way through
removing old fabric from the wood base of your dining chairs.
Using something to pry the staples with like a flat screw driver
and something to pull with such as pliers, get that fabric ripped from
the wood anyway you see fit. A bonfire is not an option for the upcoming tip to be effective!
You have now pulled 7 hundred and fifty six staple and along the way you have avoided
the tricky stuff like these clumps from a happy staple user of the past.
Sometimes patience isn't enough to deal with every last staple and messy crap so ... 

Pull all the easy ones, anything sticking up but leave the rest ...
then flip your board over and use the clean side.
This side of the wood has not seen the light of day in countless years and is brand new.
Unless you are the princess and the pea no one will feel or see a few staples left behind hiding
under new foam.

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  1. Been there, done that! Thank you for the chuckle - and the good advice!

  2. I can't believe I haven't thought of this! Great advice. PS I was channeling you today when I used what was left of an old headboard for trim on a dresser.

  3. Brilliant! I will certainly be using that tip next time! - Susan

  4. Ah-ha!
    good one. Don't you wish it were that easy for other things,too?

  5. Such a good tip-thanks.
    Have a good hump day.

  6. LOL, so very true. If I can't get a staple or nail out, I've been known to cut it off at the wood surface with a pair of nippers.


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