GG started to question me right after I stopped to pick these
awesome wood things up off the roadside. They were heavy
bed posts that I knew I could use but in that very moment I
wasn't sure what my plan was. So I made up a cute story about
turning them into lamps and he was content at that. Conclusion,
even the most supportive partners still needs reassurance that the
junk coming home with them will be used one day. So girls
be as creative with your stories as you are with your projects.

Now let me show you what I did with them.
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A BENCH MADE FROM CHAIRS and more shabby chic switch plates

If you are thinking of creating a bench from
a pair of chairs I'm here to offer a tip or two
on how it can be done easy by steering you
in the right direction.

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USING APPLIQUES ON FURNITURE - rustic french bedside cabinets

There they were sitting one on top of the other on
the side of the street, two little wood boxes covered in
banged up black paint. I was heading the opposite direction
when I first saw them and had to make a uturn to get
back to them. Destined for the landfill yet made of wood
they had to be saved. Each had a drawer and an open space,
to display cherished things. They had great bones for
upcycling into something new but I would need some
other important pieces to transform their look completely.
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NORTHUMBERLAND BATH CABINET - repurposed glass door

One warm spring evening I was inspired as I passed by
a salvaged glass door I had leaned against the boxwood
hedge. It had been pulled out of storage while I was
looking for something earlier in the day. It came from
a weather beaten mahogany cabinet I found years ago
that was only good as parts for other projects. I wanted
to start creating something around this lonely pane of
glass right away. 

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Once upon a time someone spent time and money
to build this little black cabinet, and actually they
built a pair of them. They were definitely built to
last however I thought they could benefit from
some improvements. A color change for sure,
maybe add some interest on the drawer, and
potentially lift them up higher with new legs.

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HAPPY MOTHER's DAY - our bedroom

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful woman who inspire,
nurture, and go way beyond.
Today is the day you should do NOTHING. Rest, relax, rejuvenate, and relinquish the
reigns to someone else today
and see if the world does explode.

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FREE to FLEA MARKET CHIC - shabby chic cabinet

A wonderful friend of mine picked up a roadside
treasure and stored it for me in her garage for a few
weeks. What I wouldn't give to have a garage of my
own, anyways back to the story. Once I had the extra
space she then delivered it all the way to my place. Gotta
love friends like this. She had sent me a photo when she
first found it but I had forgotten what it looked like. Upon
opening the back of her truck I became speechless ...
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