FREE to FLEA MARKET CHIC - shabby chic cabinet

A wonderful friend of mine picked up a roadside
treasure and stored it for me in her garage for a few
weeks. What I wouldn't give to have a garage of my
own, anyways back to the story. Once I had the extra
space she then delivered it all the way to my place. Gotta
love friends like this. She had sent me a photo when she
first found it but I had forgotten what it looked like. Upon
opening the back of her truck I became speechless ...

It was an amazing roadside treasure originally from the 30's or 40's with carved details and rounded
 wood on the middle door. It had awesome hardware and hand carved bits on the side doors. Someone
had cut out a square in the top presumably for use as a sink, maybe for a bar???

Step #1 - remove the old bun feet
Step #2 - add some cute queen anne legs

Step #3 - remove the old cut up top
Step #4 - add a new top using reclaimed wood

Step #5 - Paint away!!!

(Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White)

The bottom of the cabinet front (aka apron or kick plate) was too straight for my taste,
so I created a nice curving design to the kickplate.
First I drew a curve from the middle over to the right foot. Using my jigsaw I cut the one side
and used the cut out as a template to trace the other side so it was the same.

The little bump you see in the picture below at the middle point
of the cutaway is a shell applique I added.

Here is a better view of the applique I added on the kickplate.
The middle cupboard was very damaged inside, again probably from plumbing
installed for the sink. I took a few hours to clean it up and renovate it with a new shelf. 

The middle door was sagging because many of the hinge screws were loose and stripped,
so the hinges weren't tight. This happens over time when doors are heavy or weight is put on them.
I replaced all the loose screws with new ones that were either wider or longer and once the hinges
were all tight the door no longer sagged.

I used sandpaper to distress all the edges and carved areas for
that fabulous Flea Market chic look.

The final step was to wax and polish the whole cabinet with AS clear wax.

BEFORE                        AFTER


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