GG started to question me right after I stopped to pick these
awesome wood things up off the roadside. They were heavy
bed posts that I knew I could use but in that very moment I
wasn't sure what my plan was. So I made up a cute story about
turning them into lamps and he was content at that. Conclusion,
even the most supportive partners still needs reassurance that the
junk coming home with them will be used one day. So girls
be as creative with your stories as you are with your projects.

Now let me show you what I did with them.

Once home I stashed them in my wood tent.
wood tent - noun
a 10 x 30 car park devoted to my wood bits
synonyms: marquee, bigtop

I frequently walk through my tent looking for parts and one day weeks later
the idea popped into my head as I passed by the posts ....... 
I could use them to make a SOFA TABLE

So I started searching through the tent for something to use for the top and bottom
of the table. I found a super old 1920's dining table top GG had removed most of the
veneer from. Once upon a time I wrote a how to remove veneer that he loves.

I was frugal with the tabletop and only used half of it leaving me with the other
half for another day. The base is the about 15 inches cut from the center.

I cut the posts on the Mitre Saw and screwed them to the base from underneath.

I filled in the front and back of the base using the long wood sliders from
the mechanism that makes the table apart in the middle.
I used another piece of wood (like a 2x4) to go from the top of one post to the other.
I screwed it into the posts from the top down then screwed that to the bottom of the tabletop.

When GG got home from work the day I finished it,
he didn't even recognized the posts or the dining table 
he had stripped the veneer from.

What do you think of my new sofa table?

It is now the perfect place to package
all my mail orders.

This next picture is my old sofa table, I found her road side and loved her for awhile.
She was painted in French Linen Grey with a velvety smooth waxed finish.

BEFORE                  AFTER

There was a trough built below, maybe for books or umbrellas long ago.
I hinged a flat board to make it a usable shelf but so you could still hide things inside.

OPEN                CLOSED 


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