SHABBY CHIC BOYS CABINET - tips for a masculine cabinet

Easter is just around the corner and as a child my Grandfather
loved to make elaborate scavenger hunts with hidden notes
and mysterious riddles for my sister and I. He had us running
back and forth hunting over at least an acre of land looking
for the next clue cause we knew there was one huge chocolate
easter egg at the end and it was filled with more goodies.
For me it was more like winning a trophy than an actual
Easter hunt and I wanted to display my prize for everyone
to see.

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HOW I UPHOLSTER CORNERS - foot stool video

There are plenty of upholstery tutorials on the web but I definitely still get asked how I do the corners
when I upholster. I am not professionally trained, I learned
over years what works for me
and what doesn't.

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BUILDING A FOOT STOOL - grain sack fabric and tips

This is how it happens ...
I was at the drug store early one
morning and as I passed by the
magazines I found a new one to
purchase. For me a new magazine
means shutting out the world and
enjoying some quiet time in a comfy
chair. When I arrived home and 
unpacked my bag I decided to
start flipping through the new 
magazine. That's the moment it
happened ......

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STENCILED FOOT STOOLS - french painted graphic

What would you do with a large collection of old furniture legs? I have a huge stockpile of tapered furniture legs that continues to grow
because I didn't know what to do with them. I've run across different
projects on Pinterest but none really got me excited. Finally a magazine article changed that and I found myself consumed with an idea.

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PIN-WORTHY WINE BAR - stereo cabinet makeover

I lost interest in this solid wood french provincial
stereo cabinet and offered it up for another anxious
soul to revive, little did I know it's potential in the
spirits category.

This one is PIN-WORTHY!

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LADIES FRENCH NIGHTSTAND - before and after bedside tables

The before of this little pieces is amazing. I turned it from lonely to lovely, from brown to white, and from short to tall. I didn't just change the outside I also did the inside. It all came together to be a fabulous ladies bedside cabinet.

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